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Million Letters Campaign

“Million Letters Campaign”

Starting in April 2017, historian Andrew Carroll embarked on the “Million Letters Campaign” to seek out and preserve at least 1,000,000 war-related correspondences from every conflict in U.S. history, from handwritten missives penned during the American Revolution to emails sent from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Carroll is the founding director of the Center for American War Letters (CAWL) at Chapman University, and he will be traveling throughout the country and speaking at libraries, historical societies, museums, veterans’ organizations, military academies, civic clubs, places of worship, book stores, and similar venues to spread the word about why these writings are so important and, ideally, to encourage people to donate their war-related correspondences so that they will be preserved forever.

“These letters and emails help us to honor and remember the troops, veterans, and military family members who have served this nation. These are their words, their stories, their voices,” says Carroll, “and no one can tell their stories better than they can. I also hope this project will encourage service members and veterans to write letters to their loved ones about their experiences, even if they relate to events that happened years or even decades ago.”

Original letters are preferred, but photocopies and scans are also gladly appreciated.

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