» Dr. Mark Maier
Associate Professor, Director, Leadership Studies Program

Attallah College of Educational Studies; Leadership Program
Dr. Mark Maier
Office Location:
Becket Building 116
Rollins College, Bachelor of Arts
Cornell University, Master of Arts
Cornell University, Ph.D.
Mark Maier, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of Leadership in "the Attallah College of Educational Studies" at Chapman University, where he also serves as Director of the undergraduate Leadership Studies Program (recipient of the 1998 Outstanding Leadership Program Award from the Association of Leadership Educators).  As the 1999 recipient of the Distinguished Educator Award from the Organizational Behavior Teaching Society, Dr. Maier is recognized as one of the preeminent teachers in his discipline in the country.  In 2011, he was named one of the “150 Faces of Chapman,” in honor of being one of those who most contributed to the Chapman legacy in its 150 year history.  He obtained his Ph.D. in 1986 from Cornell University in Sociology (Social Organization and Social Change), with minors in Industrial & Labor Relations and Educational Psychology.  Dr. Maier is the recipient of numerous academic awards for his teaching and his scholarship, including a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship, a GTE Lectureship in Technology and Ethics, the Dorothy Harlow Distinguished Paper Award (Academy of Management) and the Fritz Roethlisberger Memorial Award (Organizational Behavior Teaching Society).  He serves the University as a 2011-13 Teaching Mentor to fellow faculty and in that capacity designs and delivers workshops which promote more effective teaching and sustained learning.

He is internationally renowned as the writer and producer of the video-based training module, A Major Malfunction: The Story Behind the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster, which is in use at over 800 institutions in 23 countries.

His areas of research, teaching and consulting expertise are:  Leading as a way of serving (servant leadership), ethics, communication, and organizational transformation.
Recent Creative, Scholarly Work and Publications
“Invisible Privilege: What White Men Don’t See.” Permission granted for previously published paper to be used as pre-reading for The 16th Annual White Privilege Conference: Understanding, Respecting & Connecting. Louisville, KY: March 11-15, 2015.
“The Imperative for Servant Leadership: Reflections on the (Enduring) Dysfunctions of Corporate Masculinity." pp. 93-117 in GENDER IN ORGANIZATIONS: ARE MEN ALLIES OR ADVERSARIES TO WOMEN'S CAREER ADVANCEMENT? Ronald Burke & Debra Major (eds.). Edward Elgar Publishers, Cheltenham, UK. 2014.
IRS - Wage & Investment Leadership Lessons Program - Curriculum Review and Revision for management-training adoption in largest unit of the IRS (50,000 employees). Pilot program was rolled out from July - December. In January and February, conducted comprehensive research, review and assessment of the pilot program, resulting in overhaul of Participant Handbook and Facilitator's Guide, and re-authorization of the program by the new Commissioner of W&I. As of September 2012, over 1,200 managers have been trained on the servant leadership culture change curriculum custom designed by myself with my wife, Lori Zucchino. In May, 2012, the Wage and Investment Division won THE FEDERAL EXECUTIVE BOARD - OUTSTANDING AWARD FOR (GROUP) VOLUNTEERISM (Thomas Liederbach Memorial Award) for its implementation of this program.
Internal Revenue Service – Wage & Investment Leadership Lessons Program (WILL). Writer, Director, and Co-Producer (with Lori Zucchino) of 51:00-minute DVD comprised of four chapters (Leading from Within; An Overview of Servant-Leadership; Management, Leadership and Servant-Led Organizations; Values-Based Leadership), and comprehensive 200-page Facilitator’s Guide w/ Participant’s Handbook. Department of Treasury/IRS Document 12985-A (6-2011), Catalog # 57863P. Atlanta, GA. 2011. Part of W&I Commissioner Richard Byrd’s vision/initiative to transform the 50,000 member division into a fully “servant-led” organization, starting with their senior management.
See above description for the ORANGE COUNTY LEADERSHIP ACADEMY, a 5-month long leadership development program for 35 County managers from all departments. During the 2011-12 academic year, we hosted the 16th and 17th classes of OCLA, as well as a comprehensive 1-day Leadership Conference on campus for all OCLA alumni.
Leadership Lessons: Leading as a Way of Serving. Writer, Director, and Co-Producer (with Lori Zucchino) of 43-minute DVD comprised of four chapters (Leading from Within; An Overview of Servant-Leadership; Management and Leadership; Values-Based Leadership), and comprehensive Facilitator’s Guide. Self-Published. Orange, CA: 2008. Part of Orange County CEO’s effort to transform the County into a servant-led organization. Effort is led by specially trained alumni graduates of the Orange County Leadership Academy, developed and led by Dr. Maier.
"Invisible Privilege: What White Men Don't See" - Previously published paper, adopted for annual dissemination to participants in the Social Justice Training Institute.