headshot photo of Barbara Doyle

Barbara Doyle

Lawrence and Kristina Dodge College of Film and Media Arts
Office Location: Marion Knott Studios 359
Phone: (714) 997-6536
Framingham State College, Bachelor of Arts
Harvard University, Master of Education


Not everyone can say they've lived out their dream as a rock and roll singer. Barbara Doyle is one of the few, following her passion for music, first as a band member and later as an assistant for a stage lighting production company. Barbara wasn't hired based on her "rock and roll" outfit, however, but because she has a talent for setting the stage and painting a picture for storytelling.

Growing up Barbara knew she wanted to tell stories, spending most of her time wrapped up in novels. These days, Barbara is working on her own book, a guide to surviving productions, helping people navigate their way through the business and political side of production in the film industry. Her advice comes from experience, and a career that has taken her from starting out at a communications company, jumping head-first into the music industry, making her mark as a production consultant, and now teaching creative producing and heading up career development efforts for Dodge College.

Barbara believes that "any time you make a plan, chances are that's not where you're going to be in the end." Instead, "it's important to find out not only what you're good at, but what you enjoy and once people see that, your plan starts to develop on its own."

Recent Creative, Scholarly Work and Publications

Understanding Design in Film Production, published by Focal Press, May, 2019
Focal/Elsevier Press published, "Make Your Movie: What You Need To Know About the Business and Politics of Filmmaking".
Article for "College XPress", a national newsletter for college and university students.
I am completing work for a book for Focal Press, current title "Before You Make Your Movie: What You Need to Know About the Business of Filmmaking".