» Facilities Office Policies

Law School towerGeneral Requests

All requests for rooms must be made with a minimum of (72) hours notice and communicated via e-mail. The facilities management department also reserves the right to turn down requests that are made without proper documentation and without advanced notice.

Room changes

The facilities office reserves the right to move a previously scheduled event, with notice, if any of the following conditions are present:

  • Construction or renovation projects that greatly diminish or preclude the use of the regularly scheduled classroom or facility.
  • Closures of facilities that would occur as a result of city, state, or federally mandated inspections.
  • Damages that occur as a result of inclement weather, accidents, or other types of property damage that would render the facility inoperable.
  • Electrical or technological malfunctions that greatly diminish the utility of the facility.

Law School Courses

Instructional courses take precedent over all types of events, unless previously approved by a Dean of the institution. Apropos, in conjunction with the Registrar's office, the Facilities Office reserves the right to adjust the schedule in order to accommodate last-minute instructional needs.