» LawPLUS Frequently Asked Questions

Program Information

+ - How much of a time commitment will the program require?

The five-week residential program will simulate law school, thus requiring a full-time commitment to the program. It will be rigorous and intense. Scholars will be expected to participate in all classes, extracurricular activities and field trips.

+ - What if I don’t know I want to be a lawyer, but I’m interested in law as a field?

The program is designed to develop professional and academic skills regardless of what field or career students end up pursuing. There are many career options within the legal field that don’t require a person to be a practicing attorney. However, if you are interested in law as a field, you should consider applying.

+ - Will I have free time during the summer program?

While the program is rigorous, strong time management will allow students to find free time to choose whether to get ahead in assignments or engage in social activities.

+ - What is the dress code?

The general dress code of the program is business casual. However, there will be events that require more professional or more casual dress. Students will be notified in advance of these occasions.

+ - Will I have assignments outside of class?

Homework will be assigned. Additionally, students will have the opportunities to participate on a competition team and complete a service project.

+ - Will I need a laptop during the program?

A laptop is helpful and beneficial, yet not required. The law school will provide access to the computer lab.


+ - Where will I be staying?

Panther Village is off-campus housing for Chapman students. Details regarding the apartments can be found here.

+ - Will Chapman Law PLUS Program cover the cost of my transportation to and from the summer program?

No.  Students are required to make their own transportation arrangements at their own expense to attend the program on Chapman University Fowler School of Law campus in Orange, California.

+ - Is food provided?

All meals will be provided at no cost during the program.

+ - Can I bring my car, if so, is parking provided?

On-campus parking is available to participants at no cost during the program.

+ - What is the stipend for?

Each student in the program will receive a $1,000 stipend to cover lost summer earnings. Students must complete the program to receive the full stipend.

University Information

PLUS Program Students will abide by the same campus policies as Chapman students.  Violation of policies may result in program dismissal.