» Course Approvals While Abroad

As you are finalizing your course schedules in your host country, please note that if you are planning on taking a course that was not pre-approved on your Academic Planning form, you will need to follow the process below for adding a class to your schedule while abroad. Failure to receive the proper approval may result in your classes abroad not satisfying your Chapman requirements. In order to receive Chapman major or minor credit for a course abroad that has pre-requisites at Chapman, you must take those pre-reqs at Chapman prior to your semester abroad.

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Email to the Registrar

If you register for a class at your overseas institution that you did not include on your Academic Planning Form prior to your departure, you must have the course(s) reviewed by the Registrar’s Office, even if it is already pre-approved on the Global Gateway. If the course(s) is for your major/minor and not pre-approved yet, your Department Chair will also need to approve the course(s). If you do not have all courses approved by Chapman before your return, your transcript processing, course registration for the subsequent semester, financial aid distribution, and graduation eligibility can be delayed. Please follow the process below to receive pre-approval for a course while abroad: 

Email Template

To: articulation@chapman.edu (If you are trying to get major/minor approval for a course that is not been pre-approved on the Global Gateway, please also include the Department Chair in the email). Please CC (carbon copy) the CGE, globaled@chapman.edu on all course correspondence.

Subject Line of Email: Student Name, Chapman ID#, Semester Abroad (i.e. Spring 2021) & Host Institution Name

Body of the Email:

  • Institution of where the course is taken
  • A link to the course code and description from the institution’s site
  • A syllabus from the course, if a course description is not available 
  • The major, minor, GE, themed inquiry, elective, or internship requirement you want the course to satisfy
  • A syllabus is required if you are seeking GE approval for a course that is not already pre-approved on the Global Gateway for the GE. If a GE is not already pre-approved by Chapman on the Global Gateway, complete a Transfer/Study Abroad Course Petition for GE and General Petition Form.

To see if a course abroad has been pre-approved on the Global Gateway, click on “Pre-Approved Courses – View Sample” on the program’s brochure page.

PLEASE NOTE: It may take up to 10 business days to review and approve a course submitted to the Registrar’s Office. Plan in advance of any add/drop deadlines at your host institution.