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» Paws Up for Workplace Wellness and Engagement

Paws Up for Workplace Wellness and Engagement, was a nine-month series that encouraged staff and administrators to focus on their health, engagement, and productivity while working remote or on-campus. 

This series ran from November 2020 to July 2021.

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Resource Library for the Paws Up for Workplace Wellness and Engagement Series
Session Name
Month, Year
Session Information
Social Wellness: Recognize for a Prize!
Nov, 2020
Recognize for a Prize (Kudoboard) (zoom & scroll to read)
Staff and administrators are encouraged to submit letters of recognition and to participate in an opportunity drawing. You must be present to win.
Social Wellness: Year-End Fun and Prizes
Dec, 2020
Year-End Fun and Prizes (Kudoboard) (zoom & scroll to read)

Let's spend some year-end virtual time together and have some fun! Staff and administrators are encouraged to submit a post about their favorite dish (add photo and recipe as bonus) or a funny incident during a virtual meeting (add photo as a bonus) to participate in an opportunity drawing.
Occupational Wellness: Chapman Thrives Because of You
Jan, 2021
The January series will focus on Occupation Wellness - first of the eight dimensions for Workplace Wellness and Engagement. This message is to let all Staff and Administrators know this program was designed specifically for them to acknowledge that Chapman Thrives Because of You!

Kudoboard and Resources
Spiritual Wellness: Bringing Meaning to Work
Feb, 2021
The February program focuses on spiritual health. Discover how to apply tools from cutting-edge brain science and timeless spiritual wisdom to inspire purpose, awaken passion, and promote Panther Pride.
Kudoboard and Resources
Financial Wellness: Money Tips that Work for You
March, 2021
Financial health influences an employee's wellness, money related stress can impact productivity and both physical and mental health! Join us to discover what tips are working for you and what programs and benefits are available to you as a Chapman employee. 

Kudoboard and Resources
Environmental Wellness and Sustainability
April, 2021
The April program focuses on Environmental Health. Our committee is partnering with the Office of Sustainability to celebrate Earth Day.

Kudoboard and Resources
Mental Wellness: Healthy Brain, Healthy Mind
May, 2021
The month of May focuses on Mental Health as part of the "May is Mental Health Awareness" month.
Kudoboard and Resources
Intellectual Wellness: Always Learning!
June, 2021
The month of June focuses on Intellectual Wellness in partnership with the Leatherby Libraries.
Kudoboard and Resources
Physical Wellness!
July, 2021
The final program for the month of July focuses on physical health – one of the eight dimensions of workplace wellness and engagement.

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