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Margaret Grogan with philanthropists Pamela and Andrew Horowitz

Attallah College of Educational Studies Dean Margaret Grogan with Philanthropists Pamela and Andrew Horowitz 

To foster collaboration between Orange County district and charter public schools around innovations in order to improve educational outcomes for the underserved students in OC.

Although once one of the nation’s most powerful high‐end economies, OC’s sustainable growth is unclear. According to Joel Kotkin, RC Hobbs Presidential Fellow in urban futures at Chapman University, OC has a chance to emerge as a pro‐tech hub in the coming decade. With the highest combined technology and arts concentration of any major region, the possibilities for OC’s future prosperity are great. However, with its low housing affordability, there is a need for high‐wage employment growth. There is a concerted effort underway by the OC business community to address some of these problems. At the core of these efforts is the recognition that OC needs excellent schools. The California Department of Education data for the 2015-2016 school year shows that only 51.1% of OC high school students graduated with the necessary requirements to attend a UC (University of California) or CSU (California State Univeristy) institution. While this number is above the the state average of 45%, it does not bode well for high‐wage employment preparation. We need an all out effort by local business, academia, government, and our communities focused on excellent schools for all of Orange County. All parties need to collaborate and that will take leadership and new ways of thinking.

ePrize Awards  
ePrize (Education Prize) awards support cross-district and/or district-charter collaborative projects and programs that ultimately seek to improve educational outcomes for underserved students OC. 

up to $100,000* per year over three years
*The first two years of funding has already been raised through a $200,000 commitment from the Pamela and Andrew Horowitz Family.

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+ - 2017 ePrize Project

The award-winning 2017 ePrize project includes Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD), Anaheim Union High School District (AUHSD), and El Sol Science and Arts Academy, an independent charter school. Key stakeholders from each partner are working to share, implement, and customize AUHSD’s innovative Teacher Reflective Learning Walks (TRLWs) and Parent Learning Walks (PLWs) at two elementary schools: El Sol and Manuel Esqueda Elementary School, both in Santa Ana.

Between 2018 and 2020, funded by a $100,000 per year grant for three years, the ePrize project will strive to (1) improve student achievement, (2) strengthen collaboration among educators by allowing them to reflect on their instructional practice and share dynamic instructional techniques, and (3) expand the breadth and depth of parent engagement.