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» A bridge into the industry for Dodge College students and alumni

Chapman Filmed Entertainment is a partnership between Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts and private investors designed to produce commercially viable feature films that will serve as a launching pad for some of the country’s top young filmmaking talent.

Producing pictures in the micro-budget range ($250,000 - $1M), Chapman Filmed Entertainment is a sustainable, fully-functioning production company.  Utilizing Chapman University’s professional and production resources, the company is tapping into the emerging trend of micro-budgeted films in the independent film arena.

The current constraints of the traditional economic models of independent filmmaking, combined with enhanced and increasingly accessible technology, position Chapman Filmed Entertainment to take advantage of the production and social media talents of the new era of young filmmakers and storytellers.

Employing a combination of Dodge College graduates in key creative positions, top students as assistants and a select group of established industry professionals in both crew and mentoring roles, the productions are designed to keep costs low while maintaining high creative standards.  At the same time, the productions will build a bridge into the industry for talented Dodge College students and alumni.

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  • Bob Bassett, Robert Bassett, President and CEO, Chapman Filmed Entertainment Robert Bassett, President and CEO – The founding Dean of Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, Bassett developed Chapman Filmed Entertainment as an avenue to promote the creative work of graduates of Chapman University, recognized as one of the top film schools in the nation. In his tenure, he has assembled a world-class faculty with a combined filmography of more than 500 feature films, a record unmatched among full-time faculty at other film schools. Read more »
    Harold Hewitt Harold Hewitt, Chief Financial Officer – Hewitt is the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Chapman University. Over the years he has focused his career on identifying and resolving financial planning and management issues as well as providing strategic leadership at several Southern California non-profit institutions, primarily in the discipline of higher education. Read more »
    Travis Knox, Vice President of Production and Development, Chapman Filmed Entertainment Travis Knox, Vice President of Production and Development– Accomplished producer Travis Knox, a 1993 graduate of Chapman University, oversees development, production and all day-to-day operations. Knox’s recent credits include Warner Bros.’ The Bucket List starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, and New Line Cinema’s Hairspray starring John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer, Christopher Walken and Queen Latifah. Knox previously served as Executive Vice President of Feature Development at Storyline Entertainment. Read more »
    Barbara Doyle, Executive in Charge of Production Management, Unions and Budgets, Chapman Filmed Entertainment Barbara Doyle, Executive in Charge of Production Management, Unions and Budgets– Professor Doyle's extensive industry experience includes appointments as an executive assistant to a Senior Vice President of Production at Tri-Star, a production supervisor on projects for CBS, NBC, Disney, Showtime, among others. Read more »
    Judd Funk, Judd Funk, Head of Business Affairs Judd Funk, Head of Business Affairs — Funk has a joint appointment as a Professor in Dodge College of Film and Media Arts and Chapman’s School of Law. He was formerly Senior Executive Vice President of Legal and Business Affairs for New Line Cinema. Read more »
    Jim Fredrick, Head of Marketing, Chapman Filmed Entertainment Jim Fredrick, Head of Marketing — Fredrick brings a tremendous background in designing and editing film marketing campaigns and advertisements for both TV and the Internet to teaching Production and Set Management (Editors). He has served as a marketing executive with Sony Screen Gems, Warner Bros. Pictures and Castle Rock Entertainment, handling campaigns for films as diverse as Harry Potter, The Grey, The Perfect Storm, City Slickers and The Shawshank Redemption, to name just a few. Read more »
  • Funding for Chapman Filmed Entertainment is provided by equity investors supporting the company’s educational mission.  Film costs will be kept low through the use of Dodge College’s state-of-the-art production and post-production facilities.

    For information on becoming an investor, please call (714) 997-6765 or email cfe@chapman.edu

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