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Artist Rendering of the Musco Center for the ArtsMusco Center for the Arts

Covering 88,000 breathtaking square feet, Musco Center for the Arts provides a state-of-the-art venue for College of Performing Arts students to hone their talents, discover their voices and visions, and prepare for rich and rewarding lives in the arts. The Center’s façade spans the entire block at the northwest corner of campus, staking out a highly visible arts identity within the community.

Designed by renowned architects Pfeiffer Partners, with acoustics by world‑renowned Yasuhisa Toyota of Nagata Acoustics, Musco Center boasts an intimate seating chamber with 1,044 seats on three levels and a full-scale stagehouse capable of grand spectacle or lush symphonic sound with its unique orchestral shell in place.  Opened in March 2016, Musco Center now serves as a dynamic focal point for campus life and the broader community, giving notice that world-class arts education and artistic achievement has found a new home in Southern California.

Exterior of Oliphant Hall

Oliphant Hall

The opening of Oliphant Hall in Fall 2004 marked the beginning of a new period of growth for the William D. Hall and Marybelle and Sebastian P. Musco Conservatory of Music.  This new state-of-the-art facility houses a modern infrastructure capable of meeting the needs of faculty and students well into the new millennium.

This building houses the John and Donna Crean Orchestral Recital Hall, Thomas G. and Willy Hall '64 Lecture Hall, M. Douglas Music Collection, Steeve and Helen Kay Music Technology Center, Margaret Richardson Office of the Dean, Marcus and Louise Pomeroy Conference Room, and the Margaret Richardson Administration Center in addition to teaching studios, practice rooms and a lecture hall.

Exterior of Bertea HallBertea Hall

Along with the construction of Oliphant Hall, Bertea Hall underwent an extensive renovation to bring both facilities to new levels and to allow Bertea to continue to serve the students and faculty in the best way possible.

The key donors for the original Hall-Musco Conservatory of Music facility were Richard and Hyla Bertea. The building houses the Salmon Recital Hall, Shanley Choral Room, Stoltz Student Lounge, Steeve Kay Technology Center, classrooms, teaching studios and practice rooms.

Interior of Salmon Recital HallSalmon Recital Hall

Located inside of Bertea Hall, Salmon Recital Hall serves as the main performance hall for many Hall-Musco Conservatory of Music events.  One can hear a range of musical presentations including vocal and instrumental recitals as well as performances by the major ensembles on occasion.  Salmon Recital Hall often houses the esteemed guest artists and master teachers who present special performances, workshops and master classes for the Hall-Musco Conservatory of Music at Chapman University.

Photo of Shigeru Kawai pianoEPIC Kawai Institution

The Kawai America Corporation has designated Chapman University as one of its EPIC Schools.  Kawai Executive vice-president Junichi Ando presented Hall-Musco Conservatory of Music Dean William Hall with a bronze plaque commemorating the distinction at the grand opening festivities for Oliphant Hall.  The plaque, now mounted in Oliphant Hall, recognizes the new piano holdings as an Elite Performance Instrument Collection (EPIC).

The Hall-Musco Conservatory of Music purchased sixty-two new acoustic Kawai pianos for the new classrooms, studios and practice rooms in Oliphant and the renovated Bertea Halls, including a magnificent 9' Shigeru Kawai performance grand piano which will be used in Salmon Recital Hall.  The Shigeru Kawai is one of only ten pianos in the world built by hand to exceptionally exacting specifications.  The wood for the soundboard has been seasoned for twenty-five years.  Two handmade 7' Shigeru Kawai pianos are housed in the Duo Piano Studio, which is linked to the recording studio in Oliphant Hall.

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