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+ - Do I have to buy an annual parking permit to park on campus and must I park on campus?

Yes. An annual parking permit is mandatory for all faculty, staff, and students;  all Faculty, Staff, and Students are mandated by the city of Orange parking plan to park on University owned or controlled property.  All parking areas are restricted 24 hours-per-day, seven days-per-week.  The Parking Policy governing parking will be enforced during these restricted hours.

+ - Is there a fee for obtaining a parking permit?

Yes. A parking permit may be purchased at anytime throughout the year. Please refer to the 2017/18 Parking Plan for fees.  Student fees are automatically billed twice annually.  Faculty and staff can pay at the Cashier or via monthly payroll deduction. Forms are available on Payroll's website or at Public Safety.

+ - If I only attend the fall or spring semester, do I still have to pay for a permit?

No. Fees are billed on a semester basis and you will only be billed for the semester you attend.   If you attend only the fall semester, you will need to return your permit/transponder (if applicable) to Parking Services before a refund for the spring fees will be applied.

+ - If I am Studying Abroad for one semester, either fall or spring, do I still have to pay for an annual permit?

No. The Business Office will adjust the fees for students Studying Abroad.  You would need to waive the parking fee on-line at Vehicle Registration for the semester you will not be on campus.  You must waive within the first three weeks of the semester you will not be on campus in order to have half the parking fee waived.  If you will be Studying Abroad in the spring semester and had a permit during the fall semester, you must return your permit before a waiver can be submitted and approved.

+ - If I am a new faculty member or staff member starting employment during the spring semester, do I still have to pay full price for an annual parking permit?

No. Fees are prorated via monthly payroll deductions.

+ - I don’t drive to campus or I use an alternate means of transportation. Can I waive the parking permit fee?

Yes. Parking fees may be waived on-line at Vehicle Registration during the first three weeks of each semester.  Only new/transfer students, faculty or staff, entering in the spring semester qualify to waive the parking fee in the second semester.  The deadline to waive (in each semester) is 5 p.m. Sunday at the end of the third week of classes.  Because there are occasions where a person who signed a waiver may have to drive they are allowed to buy a visitor pass from a dispenser up to three times per semester.  Anyone discovered driving more than the three allowed exceptions or anyone signing a waiver and found parking in the neighborhood will be subject to a $500.00 fine.  Additionally, students in violation of this policy will be subject to sanctions through the student conduct system.  Faculty violators will be reported to the Provost and Staff violators will be referred to Human resources.

+ - I waived my parking fee but now have to drive to the university. Can I reverse the waiver and obtain a parking permit?

Yes. You must log onto Vehicle Registration to register your vehicle and request a parking permit.  Students then must go to the Business Office to have the parking fee charged to their accounts.  Faculty and staff would need to pay the required fee to the Cashier or submit a Payroll Deduction Form.  Form is available on Payroll's website or at Public Safety.  Proof of payment is required before a parking permit can be obtained.

+ - Where do I place my parking permit? When will my parking permit expire?

If you received the hangtag permit, it must be placed on your rearview mirror, or clearly displayed on your vehicle's dash with the numbers visible. Please remove your permit while driving. The "sticker" permit with the adhesive, must be placed in the lower corner of the inside front window on the driver's side and must be adhered to the window in order to be valid.  Motorcycle permits must be placed on the front left fork. 

The permit issued for the 2017/2018 academic year will be valid through August 10, 2018.  Permit not valid for storing of vehicles on campus.  Vehicles left unattended/unmoved from a space or lot for 15 days or more are subject to citation and or tow at owner's expense.

+ - I have a handicap placard issued in my name. Do I need anything special to complete vehicle registration?

Those with handicap placards/plates will be required to show proof of issuance from the state when a parking permit is picked up from Public Safety.  Placard numbers must be on file with vehicle registration information in the Public Safety office.  When you register your vehicle on-line please be sure to include the placard number and the expiration date in the appropriate fields.  If you acquire a handicap placard after you have already been issued a parking permit, you are still required to register the placard on-line at Vehicle Registration.  All vehicles displaying handicap placards/plates must also display a valid (annual/short term) University parking permit

+ - What if I have more than one car, my car is in the shop, or I am driving a rental vehicle?

If you have a permanent decal type permit you may come by the Public Safety Office and provide proof of your repair or rental vehicle contract.  With valid proof you will be issued a short-term permit.  The short term permit will only be valid while your primary vehicle is unavailable.  Any misuse of a temporary short term permit may result in the vehicle being impounded and / or university sanctions.   It is required that all additional vehicle(s), whether owned or rented, be registered on-line at Vehicle Registration. Unregistered vehicles will be cited.  If you were issued a hangtag type permit, you will need to register the vehicle you will be driving and transfer the hangtag permit to your current vehicle.

+ - My vehicle was involved in an accident or was vandalized and my windshield has to be replaced. Do I have to buy a new parking permit?

If you bring in a police report to Public Safety or some form of proof of windshield replacement, you may obtain a replacement permit at no charge.  You will be required to complete a Lost/Stolen/Damaged Report Form at the time a new decal is issued.  Without a police report or proof of window replacement, the replacement cost will be $25.00.  All replacement fees must be made to the Cashier and the receipt brought to Public Safety as proof of payment in order to obtain a new parking permit.  If you were issued a hangtag type permit you will not be issued a replacement one unless your current one was damaged in the accident or stolen.

+ - I lost my parking permit, my parking permit was stolen, or I sold my car and purchased a new one. Can I get a replacement?

Yes. Replacement cost will be $25.00.  A Lost/Stolen Report will need to be filed with Public Safety.  Filing a false report or anyone found using a reported lost or stolen permit will be subject to vehicle impound and university sanctions.  If a vehicle is sold, an attempt should be made to peel off the old sticker and bring it to the Public Safety Office.  If the original permit is returned, a replacement permit will be provided at no cost.  It the sticker is not removed and returned to Public Safety, the replacement cost for a new permit will be $25.00

+ - Do I have to buy a permit if I have a motorcycle on campus?

Yes. You must obtain a parking permit for the same cost as a vehicle permit.  The permit must be placed on the front left fork of the motorcycle. Motorcycles may park in any motorcycle designated parking area or any unreserved parking stall

+ - When I come to campus at times other than for classes or work, can I buy a visitor pass and park in visitor areas or can I park in the 30 minute zone behind Argyros?

The Argyros 30-minute parking zone is reserved for vendor deliveries only. Faculty, staff and students may not park in that 30-minute loading zone. There are 30-minute loading and unloading spaces designated in the Conference Lot, Memorial Lot (faculty permit holders only) and the Student Health Lot.  Please refer to posted signage as to permit type required in each space.  Vehicles parked with improper permit type or beyond 30-minutes are subject to citation.  Faculty, staff and students parking in restricted space, area, or lots are subject to citation or tow. Faculty, staff and students are required to purchase annual permits and park in areas designated by the Parking Plan.  The only exception to this policy is for faculty, staff or students who have a waiver on file and must drive to campus.   Those who signed a waiver are required to purchase a visitor permit and park in a visitor designated lot when driving to campus.  Anyone discovered driving to campus and parking in the neighborhood will be subject to a $500.00 fine.  Additionally, students in violation of this policy will be subject to sanctions through the student conduct system.  Faculty violators will be reported to the Provost and staff violators will be referred to Human Resources

+ - Can I park anywhere with an annual parking permit or short-term parking permit?

No. Parking is restricted. Parking permits are issued for specific lots only and all vehicles parked in unauthorized areas will receive a citation.  If it is not a marked parking space you may not park there; this includes fence lines, trash receptacle storage areas, striped areas, fire lanes, loading zones, etc.  See the parking plan chart for fees and acceptable parking locations.  Reserved parking spaces are restricted to the specific permit holder assigned to the space.  Parking in someone's reserved space at any time will result in a citation

+ - If I am a commuter student, can I park in the residence hall lots?

No. Parking restrictions are enforced 24 hours-per-day, seven days-per-week.  The only exception is during summer months during unrestricted parking

+ - Does my parking permit allow me to park on the streets surrounding the University?

No, a city-parking permit is required. The City of Orange has extended the neighborhood parking permit program to include all streets surrounding the University for a three-block radius. The Orange Police Department issues $55.00 citations to all illegally parked vehicles. The city requires the university to have a mandatory parking permit policy for all university constituents. University constituents parked on city streets or in public parking lots while working, attending classes or attending a function at the university are subject to citation, fine, conduct and/or disciplinary action.

+ - What streets are included in the restricted neighborhood parking areas?

All streets east to Cambridge, North to Everett, and West to Lemon and South to Maple (except Center Street which is restricted up to the Orange Public Library). Signs are posted stating “NO PARKING THIS BLOCK EXCEPT BY PERMIT ONLY.” 

+ - Can I park on the city streets beyond the three block city permit area?

No. Again the city mandates that Chapman Constituents (students, faculty, staff or visitors) park in Chapman owned or operated parking areas.  Anyone found parking in the neighborhood, the Metrolink lot or city lots, except when doing business with the city; are subject to fine, conduct and/or disciplinary action.

+ - I have a parking permit on my car; can I leave my vehicle parked on campus if it’s not operational? Can I leave my car on campus over the summer? Can I leave my car parked overnight in a commuter parking garage?

No. A vehicle inoperative or left unmoved from the same parking space or lot for more than 15 days is subject to tow. Vehicles cannot be parked overnight in the Barrera Structure, the Lastinger Structure, the West Campus Structure or the Palm Lot.  Also, vehicles cannot be stored on campus during summer months. Those doing so will be subject to citation and tow.  Exceptions to this policy can only be made by Parking Services.

+ - Where are the parking machines located for visitors to purchase a daily pass?

Visitor parking is available in the Cypress Lot, Knott Studios Lot, Palm Lot, Rinker Campus, the West Campus Structure and the West Palm Industrial Lot.  Monday - Thursday after 4:00 p.m. and all day Friday - Sunday, visitors may also park in the Barrera and Lastinger Structures.  The location of the parking machines will be as follows:

Cypress Lot - east side of lot by the emergency phone

Fred L. Barrera Structure
Levels 1 & 3 by elevators

Lastinger Structure
Level B1 - main entrance, east wall, lobby of elevator
Level B2 - lobby of elevator

Marion Knott Studios - center of rear parking lot

Rinker Campus - by emergency phone between 9401 and 9501

West Campus Structure - level one by the elevator

Daily Pass Fees




2 hours


4 hours


12 hours

Once you obtain a daily pass, it must be placed on the front dash of the vehicle on the driver’s side.  Please report any malfunctions immediately to Public Safety at (714) 997-6763.

Departments may choose to purchase visitor permits for their guests.  Permits are $2 per permit/per day.  Please refer to the Parking Policy for instructions on how to obtain these permits.

+ - Is there any Unrestricted Parking during the year?

During the summer, Winter break, Interterm, Spring break, Monday - Thursday after 4 p.m. and all day Friday through Sunday there is unrestricted parking; Unrestricted parking simply means that if you have a valid permit you may park in any non-restricted lot/space; everyone who parks on campus at anytime must have some form of permit.  There is no guest parking in the residence complex unless you are a summer conference attendee assigned to the residential life area.  Lots/spaces that are restricted 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year to designated permit holders are the Memorial lot, Conference Center Lot, Vendor/Contractor spaces, Resident Director spaces, and the Reserved spaces.

+ - Can I share my reserved space?

Yes. There will be a hanging permit assigned to each reserved spot.  Any vehicles that are planning on using a reserved space must be registered under the account of the space holder.  Unregistered vehicles found parked in a reserved space will be subject to citation.  As long as the assigned hanging permit is properly displayed on the vehicle, it will not be cited for parking in a reserved space.  If a vehicle is found displaying a lost or stolen permit, the vehicle will be subject to impound, legal and/or university sanctions.

+ - I am on my vacation; can I allow someone else to use my reserved space in my absence?

Yes. Their vehicle must be registered and it must be displaying the proper permit for the particular space. (See answer to question above)

+ - I have contractors or vendors scheduled to be on campus. Where do I direct them to park?

All contractors and vendors are required to check in with Public Safety or Facilities Management to register for a one-day temporary parking pass.  They will be directed to park in the parking lot closest to where they will be working/delivering on campus.  There are vendor reserved spaces in the Conference Center Lot.  Parking in a vendor space without a pass will result in a citation.  There is no vendor parking allowed in the Hashinger or Memorial Lots.  Vendors are also not authorized to park in the Barrera or Lastinger Structures during times of restriction which are Monday - Thursday 7 a.m. - 4 p.m.

+ - How do I pay or appeal a parking citation?

Please go to the citation processing website:  www.citationprocessingcenter.com.  Once at the site, you will be able search for your citation by citation number or license plate number.  Once located, you can opt to appeal or pay the citation by clicking on the appropriate link.  Please allow 24-hours from date of issuance to access your record.

+ - How can I know everything about parking at Chapman University?

Fully detailed pamphlets are available on-line, or you may contact Parking Services by e-mailing transportation@chapman.edu.

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