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Office 365 from Microsoft is an application you can install on your smart phones, tablets or home/personal computers. Chapman University has a campus agreement, making the software available  to all current Students, Faculty & Staff for free.

Office 365 is available for both Windows and Mac, and on mobile devices for both Apple and android.

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+ - Downloading Office 365

Visit the Microsoft Office login page to begin the installation on your device. You will login with your Chapman userid and password.

+ - Training Materials

Getting Started:

+ - Available Applications and Services

What services will be available?

  • Drive - One Drive provides web-based tools enabling End Users to store, transfer, and share files, and view videos. Google filestream (new client) like a drive. Phillip- Google is now forcing down the new client, and we haven't done a lot of testing yet to see the ramifications. 

  • OneNote is a free-form note-taking program for Windows operating systems.

  • Word is a full-featured word processing program for Windows and Mac operating systems.

  • PowerPoint is a presentation program for Windows and Mac operating systems.

  • Excel is a spreadsheet program that features calculation, graphic tools, pivot tables, and macro programming language support for Windows and Mac operating systems.

  • Form is a program that creates surveys, quizzes, and polls, and allows you to easily see results as they come in.

+ - FAQs

Is Microsoft Office 365 FERPA compliant?

What is the difference between Office 365 and G Suite?

Can calendars from Office 365 and G Suite be import to each other?

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Products and accessibility

+ - Data Risk Classification

To determine a document's level of sensitivity, please visit the to Data Risk Classification page.

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Important Information

Only select apps are available using your Chapman University account. For more information about available apps, please visit the FAQ menu.