» Journal of Business and Management – Editorial Board

Nancy Borkowski, DBA, CPA, FACHE

Department of Health Services Administration
School of Health Professions
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Krishna S. Dhir
Professor and Dean

Campbell School of Business

Berry College

Sonia M. Goltz

Associate Professor of Management

School of Business and Economics

Michigan Tech University

Miles G. Nicholls
Professor of Business Modelling

Graduate School of Business

RMIT University

Richard L. Jenson

ATK Thiokol Professor and Head School of Accountancy

School of Accountancy

Utah State University

Terri A. Scandura

Professor of Management and Psychology

School of Business Administration

University of Miami

Jeffrey A. Sonnenfeld
Associate Dean of Executive Programs & Lester Crown Professor-in-the-Practice of Management

School of Management

Yale University

Victor H. Vroom
Professor of Psychology

School of Management

Yale University

JBM Editorial Staff

Rosalinda Monroy

Chapman University Publications

Jaclyn Witt
Editorial Assistant 

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