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In spring 2012, Chapman University launched the Alumni Discovery Initiative (ADI) to bring alumni and students together with the goal of gathering the stories, opinions and perceptions of Panther graduates from multiple generations.

Along the way ADI has facilitated more than 350 interviews, helping the University gain a deeper understanding of alumni members’ time as Chapman students, their lives as working professionals and their relationship with the University today. ADI hires and trains current Chapman students, known as ADI Ambassadors, to connect with alumni for face-to-face interviews throughout Southern California and across the nation. Read more about the ADI program.

By bringing students and alumni together, ADI not only strengthens alumni connections with the University, but it also gives the ADI Ambassadors an opportunity to build their Chapman Family network and get a glimpse of what life is like as a Chapman graduate. 

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+ - ADI Ambassadors


Brayden Ainsworth ’19
Major: Communication Studies

Brayden is a self-proclaimed movie fanatic. She grew up in Southern California but loved traveling to London growing up. Brayden sees herself as a stubborn yet compassionate person, but from that she is very driven to succeed.


Justine Bautista ’20
Major: Psychology and Integrated Educational Studies

Justine’s favorite color is lavender and she claims to be an avid reader. Her favorite thing about Chapman University is the sense of community and the broad opportunities that have come to her from since starting her freshman year. Justine describes herself as enthusiastic, cheerful and adventurous.


Emily Czaja ’17
Major: Communication Studies and Spanish

Emily is a passionate, funny, and responsible woman. She loves playing board games and speaks Spanish, the language of love. Emily is a Libra who is from San Clemente, California.


Maggie Dorfman ’18
Major: Theatre Performance

Maggie loves to read Murder Mystery novels, and her favorite color is maroon. She studied abroad in London and traveled across Europe exploring new places. Maggie is a determined Aries, and procrastinating is something she never does.


Katelyn Dykhuis ’19
Major: Health Science

Katelyn loves to dance, she was a born dancer. She is an Aries who is optimistic, enthusiastic, and very loving. Katelyn grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, but has become quite the traveler. Her favorite place venture to is London, England.


Marissa Gimbal ’20
Major: Strategic and Corporate Communication

Marissa is your everyday California girl. She loves hanging out with friends and spending quality time with family. Marissa is a world traveler, her favorite trip when asked was a stay in Cádiz, Spain. Marissa loves a Mediterranean climate and her favorite color is pink.


Olivia Harden ’19
Major: English

Olivia’s passion is writing. She is from Pasadena, California and is a Scorpio. Olivia describes herself as outspoken, independent and confident. Her favorite trip she’s taken was a summer trip to Israel and Palestine.


Keiana Kitaoka ’20
Major: Business Administration

Keiana is Honolulu native. She loves to dance and is very caring, loyal, and friendly. Keiana’s favorite color is blue and she is a Virgo.


Remi Lord ’20
Major: Digital Media

Remi is a PROUD Texan! His favorite color is purple and loves to play basketball. Remi loves traveling to Las Vegas and his favorite thing about Chapman is all of the ambitious students.


Christian Mininsohn ’18
Major: Television Writing and Production

Christian is from Huntington Beach California. His favorite color is red and when asked to describe himself in three words he chose; witty, funny and creative. Christian is a Virgo and loves exploring New York City.  


Caitlin Molina ’19
Major: Biological Sciences

Caitlin is an enthusiastic hiker from Santa Clarita, California. Her favorite trip was with the Chapman Global Medical Brigade to Nicaragua in the summer of 2016. She is a Pisces and her favorite color is purple.


Courtney Molina ’19
Major: Health Sciences

Courtney loves to DIY and especially loves the color blue. She is a sweet, energetic, and fun Pisces from Santa Clarita, California. Her favorite thing about Chapman is the tight-knit and small campus.

woman Grace Papish ’20
Major: Political Science

Grace can always be heard singing, since it is her favorite thing to do. She is from Southern California and loves the color purple. Grace describes herself as driven, musical, and passionate, especially about the arts.
woman Michaela Perry ’19
Major: Integrated Educational Studies

Michaela is adventurous and is an avid rock climber who loves to read. She is very organized, passionate, and likes to travel. Michaela is from Las Vegas, Nevada and her horoscope is a Cancer.
man Marshall Scott ’20
Major: Public Relations and Advertising

Marshall is an acapella legend. He is a member of Chapman’s Chaptones, whom he loves to spend all of his time with. Marshall grew up in Arizona but coming to California has always been his goal. Becoming a Panther was the step that brought him out here.
woman Raizi Simmons ’19
Major: Communication Studies

Raizi is a workout queen. Being from southern California, Raizi is a professional hiker. She is honest, friendly, and loves to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity. Raizi is a Cancer and her favorite color is Purple.
woman Aubrey Van Dyke ’18
Major: Kinesiology

Aubrey is an extrovert who loves the color purple. She loves to travel, she has traveled all the way to South Korea.  Aubrey’s favorite thing about her Chapman experience so far was all of the programs during orientation week.

+ - Interview Results

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