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Garrett Addison

Admission Counselor

Biography in Brief

Garrett graduated in 2013 with a B.A. in Power of Language, a major he created with the help of Chapman faculty. Raised in Anaheim Hills, California, he is no stranger to the wonderful world of Orange County. Garrett was a student in the Office of Admission as an undergraduate and will be continuing for his fifth year as an Admission Counselor (his ninth total at Chapman). As an undergraduate student, Garrett was involved with Greek Life, the Orientation Program, Student Government Association, and independent research opportunities. In addition to his undergraduate experiences, Garrett is in his final year of the Master’s of Leadership Development program here at Chapman!

Advice from Garrett

I came to Chapman as a Biological Sciences major wanting to become a doctor. I changed my major multiple times, first to Philosophy and then to English Literature. A professor of mine told me about the option to create a new major after seeing me frustrated after class. My advice to all students is that it’s okay to change your mind. You are the only one that knows what is right for you, so don't be afraid to take that philosophy course, or that sociology course, or even that calculus course. These are your four years, make the most out of them.

Favorite spot on campus

My favorite spot on campus is on the steps outside of Memorial Hall. The spot marks the beginnings of Chapman in Orange and is the perfect balance of seeing friends and having a quiet space. It’s also overlooks Memorial Lawn which holds memories for me from orientation, Greek week, or just being a goofball after class. It is, by far, the most spectacular spot in my opinion and I definitely recommend any prospective students and families to come check it out.

Best admission memory

A lot of my best admission memories are from the tours I gave as an undergrad. I think any time I was on campus and had a student come up to me and say, “You were my tour guide! You’re the reason I’m at Chapman!” was a phenomenal feeling. My favorite by far though was when a parent tried to hand me $20 after my tour was done as a thank you.

Fast Facts

Three Words to Describe Myself: Creative, gregarious, and compassionate

Favorite Subject: English 

Role Model: My sister. We’re two years apart but she has already built an amazing life for herself and I want to do the same.

Favorite Musical Performer/Band/Composer: It changes almost every day, but right now it’s all the One Direction kids that went solo. Where’s Louis?

Most Prized Possessions: My visor from when I worked at Cold Stone Creamery. It was my first job and definitely the most interesting job, but I learned a lot about my work ethic, customer service, and passion for people.

Favorite Summer Activities: I know it’s summer when my favorite television show Big Brother starts. You cannot keep me away from it!

Book You Would Read Again: The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider

Best Movies of All Time: I like TV more, so I’ll go with Survivor.

Favorite Quote (and by whom): "Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid." – Albert Einstein

Dream Job: a writer…, a chef…, or a teacher… I’m too indecisive to have just one.


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