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Sr. Associate Director of International Initiatives


Biography In Brief:

Ali did her undergraduate degree, longer ago than she would like to admit, at Colorado State University majoring in Cultural Anthropology with a double minor in Sociology and Native American Studies. After living in Japan for two years, she earned her master's degree in Higher Education and Internationalization from the University of Denver. Having studied at both a large, public university and a medium-sized private university, she always encourages students to consider size when narrowing down their college/university options.

Advice from Ali:

If you're able to, visit those colleges/universities that you're interested in. Take a tour, meet with an admission representative, and then find a place to sit on campus and observe the students. If you aren't able to visit, it’s incredible what you can learn about a school through social media. Can you picture yourself attending the school? If so, great! If not, you've learned something about what you don't want. It's all about finding your best fit.

Ali’s Favorite Spot On Campus:

I wouldn't be a very good international counselor if my favorite spot on campus wasn't the Global Citizens Plaza. Each flag around the globe fountain represents a country where an international student came from or where Chapman students study abroad.

Ali’s Best Admission Memory:

My favorite admission memory this year was admitting the siblings of current Chapman students. And, while I am excited about all of our new students coming to campus, welcoming the brothers and sisters of current students means the entire family has had a great Chapman experience!

Fast Facts:

Three Words To Describe Myself: Sarcastic, foodie, short

Favorite Subject: Anything social science related

Role Model: Marjorie S. Smith, the person who gave me my first international admission job

Favorite Musical Performance/Band/Composer: I’d rather not say. My friends will tell you I have horrible taste in music

My Most Prized Possessions: My passport, my Oyster Card for London transit and my Lawson’s (Japanese convenience store) loyalty card.

Book I Would Read Again: The Hunger Games series

Favorite Summer Activity: Being on the beach

Best Movie Of All Time: Love Actually 

Favorite Quote and By Whom: "Carpe Carp" - Unknown

Dream Job: International hotel secret shopper or owner of a juice hut on the beach

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