» Academic and Non-academic Probation and Dismals

Academic Probation and Dismissal

In order to remain in the University Honors Program, Honors students are expected to hold a 3.3 GPA by the end of their sophomore year and maintain it through their senior year. If a student's GPA drops below 3.3 by the end of their sophomore year, the student will placed on academic probation, with the expectation that the student’s GPA will return to the required level by the end of the next semester – that is, the end of the first semester of junior year. If not, the student will be dismissed from the University Honors Program. The student should consult with the Honors Director during the probation period.

Non-academic Probation and Dismissal

The University Honors Program aspires to be an intellectual community of friends. In order to approximate ever more closely such a community requires from each of us respectful interactions with each other in our courses and in our common spaces. Such respect allows for the kind of mutual consideration which makes our common spaces safe and our interactions collegial. Anyone who engages in an egregious act of disrespect or in a pattern of disrespect will be placed on non-academic probation with the understanding that a repetition or continuation of such behavior will result in immediate dismissal from the University Honors Program. This rule on non-academic probation and dismissal takes effect as of October 2016.

Mandatory Events

It is a requirement that all Honors students attend the annual University Honors Conference. Any Honors student who misses this Conference more than once will be dismissed from the Honors Program. Additionally, students who miss a University Honors Conference or any portion of said Conference, without good reason, will be placed on probation in the University Honors Program for the following academic year. During that year, students on probation will not be eligible for attendance at national or regional Honors conferences, for Honors scholarly/creative or travel grants, and for priority registration.