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Interdisciplinary and Collaborative Grants
Scholarly/Creative Grants & Conference Travel Grants

In line with the commitment of Chapman University to interdisciplinary education and research, as well as to collaborative research between faculty and students, the Office of the Provost and the University Honors Program offer a variety of Scholarly/Creative Grants and Conference Travel Grants to faculty and students involved in the Honors program.

Questions about Honors grants can be directed to Ashley Cosgrove in the University Honors Program Office (714-744-7646) or honors@chapman.edu.

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Scholarly/Creative Grants


  • Project must be well defined.
    • Student Grants: Students must seek and identify the faculty who will collaborate with them on their scholarly/creative project.
    • Faculty Grants: Faculty must identify the students who will work with them on their scholarly/creative project.
  • Project must be clearly interdisciplinary. 
    • Students and faculty must identify the disciplines involved in their project, the relevance of those disciplines to their project, and how the disciplines are integrated in the project.
  • A reasonable timeline for completion of the project must be given.
  • Possible journals and/or conferences to which the finished product may be submitted should be identified.
  • Justification must be provided for the financial support requested.


Awards are intended to provide support for projects which are not only clearly defined but also clearly interdisciplinary and collaborative. Funds may be used for a variety of purposes, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • The purchase of equipment, materials, or supplies directly related to the project.
  • Expenses directly related to the project such as test subject remuneration, license fees, or bio-hazardous waste removal.
  • Travel expenses directly related to the project such as working in an archive or collecting field data.
  • Student awards - students can be given an allowance so that they may devote their time to a creative/scholarly project.

Conference Travel Grants

Honors faculty and students seeking to fund conference travel to present projects which are interdisciplinary and collaborative should apply for an Honors Travel Grant through the University Honors Program.


The following links cover grant guidelines and necessary forms that can be downloaded and returned electronically: 

      Grant Guidelines
      Grant Application Cover Sheet - Faculty and/or Student Grant
      Use Report - Faculty Grant 
      Use Report - Student Grant


  • All faculty members who teach in the Honors Program may apply for Honors Scholarly/Creative Grants and/or Honors Travel Grants.
  • All Honors students are eligible to apply for Honors Scholarly/Creative Grants and/or Honors Conference Travel Grants, unless they are on probation in the Honors Program.


Rolling applications for Honors grants are accepted from June 1st through February 15th of the academic year in which they will be used. Early grant applications for the following academic year can be submitted between April 1st and May 31st.

Forms are to be submitted electronically to Ashley Cosgrove in the University Honors Program Office (DeMille 167) at honors@chapman.edu. Applications will be carefully considered by the University Honors Advisory Board in a timely manner. Award recipients will be notified of the Board's decisions as soon as those are available.