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International Students*Note: we are changing the names of some of our GE categories. The first name listed is the term we have been using, and the term in parentheses is the new name that is beginning to be used this year. You will see this throughout the GE pages.

In this cluster, students are encouraged to be active learners in and beyond the classroom. This part of the GE program is flexible in several ways. You can choose a semester-long study abroad program to satisfy the Global Study portion, and engage in experiential learning related to citizenship and/or community in the Citizenship, Community, Service area, or choose from a menu of courses in each area. For the language requirement, students demonstrate proficiency in a language other than English. Students complete a total of 12 credits in these three areas.  

  • Global Study (Global Studies Inquiry)*: 6 credits; may be fulfilled through a Chapman sponsored semester abroad program or by completing two three-credit courses. Chapman sponsored international travel courses during interterm or summer count as one three-credit course in this category.
  • Language Study (Language Inquiry)*: 3 credits; Students complete part of their general education program in a language other than English so that they may lead inquiring, ethical and productive lives as global citizens. This may be accomplished by completing a language class at the intermediate or above level (i.e., a language acquisition course at the 201-level or a higher-level language course taught in language other than English).

Click on the links above for more detailed information on each category.

You can use courses in these areas to learn more about a topic, culture, language, or other interest. Remember that many courses are approved in more than one GE category, and so you can explore an area of interest in Global Study (Global Studies Inquiry)*, for example, and then decide to study it in further depth through an Inter/Multidisciplinary Cluster (Themed Inquiry)* or through a study abroad program. You may then apply the completed course to a different GE category.

Review your course options in each of the Global Citizen Cluster (Global Focus)* categories, visit the Center for Global Education, and consult Career and Professional Development’s Internship Guide for relevant internship opportunities. Experiential learning projects must be pre-approved by the GE Committee.