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Exploration Focus Learning Outcome: Integrates an additional specialized knowledge with the major field or adds a secondary area of study in order to enrich personal or professional goals.

Themed Inquiry Courses

Exploration Focus Assessment Rubric

Exploration Focus Assessment Process

Assessment Date: The Exploration Focus (previously known as Inter/Multidisciplinary) area was assessed in spring 2011. The assessment resulted in the following action steps.

Action Steps Taken:

  1. A revised learning outcome statement and evaluation rubric were adopted.
  2. The Exploration Focus outcome statement and goals should be periodically revisited in light of evolving terminology in the field of interdisciplinary studies.
  3. The Exploration Focus outcome statement and rubric criteria will be widely distributed to faculty members teachingExploration Focus courses each semester.
  4. A direct means of assessing the abilities of students to integrate learning across disciplines would be preferable. The viability of a signature assignment that would integrate learning across all themed inquiry courses should be studied and considered.