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Creative Writing Faculty

Mark Axelrod, Director of the John Fowles Center for Creative Writing & Two-Time Fulbright Winner
Fiction, Screenwriting
Dante’s Foil and Other Sporting Tales; No Symbols Where None Intended:Literary Essays from Laclos to Beckett; Constructing Dialogue

Richard Bausch, Winner of the Rea Award for the Short Story & Dayton Literary Peace Prize
Before, During, After; Someone Is Out There; Peace; Thanksgiving Night; Wives & Lovers; The Norton Anthology of Short Fiction (ed.)

James Blaylock, Director of the MFA, Winner of two World Fantasy Awards
The Aylesford Skull; Beneath London; The Adventures of Langdon St. Ives; The Last Coin; The Rainy Season; Homunculus

Alicia Kozameh, Winner of the Crisis Award for Short Story
Fiction (English and Spanish)
Steps Under Water; 259 Leaps, the Last Immortal; Ostrich Legs; Ofrenda de propia piel

Anna Leahy, Associate Director of the MFA, Director of Tabula Poetica, Winner of the Wick Poetry Prize
Constituents of Matter; Turns about a Point; Hagioscope

Martin Nakell, Winner of the Gertrude Stein Award
Experimental Fiction and Poetry
The Desert Poems of Southern California; Settlement; A Subset of Chance; The Assignment: Why Am I Writing This Essay? (with R. Goodman)

Tom Zoellner, Winner of the American Institute of Physics Science Writing Award
Creative Nonfiction
Train: Riding the Rails That Created the Modern World; A Safeway in Arizona; Uranium

Literature, Rhetoric and Cultural Studies Faculty

Mark Axelrod, PhD, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
19th-Century French literature, 20th-Century Latin American Literature

Ian Barnard, PhD, University of California, San Diego
Rhetoric and writing studies, queer theory, film studies

Brian Glaser, PhD, University of California, Berkeley
Environmental writing, lyric poetry, psychoanalytic theory, American literary studies

Lynda A. Hall, PhD, Claremont Graduate University
18th- and 19th-Century British literature, 19th-Century American literature

Eileen Jankowski, PhD, University of California, Irvine
Medieval literature, Beowulf and Chaucer

Kent Lehnhof, PhD, Duke University
Early modern literature, Shakespeare, Milton, feminist theory

Joanna Levin, PhD, Stanford University
American literature and culture, literary theory and criticism, feminism
and gender studies, countercultural movements

Mildred Lewis, MFA, University of California, Los Angeles
Screenwriting, film studies, Caribbean Literature

Rei Magosaki, PhD, University of Virginia
20th-Century U.S. literature and culture, U.S. multicultural literatures, Asian-American literature

Kevin O’Brien, PhD, University of California, Berkeley
19th- and 20th-Century British, European and Russian literature, modernism

Jan Osborn, PhD, University of California, Riverside
Rhetoric and composition, sociolinguistics, critical literacies

Morgan Read-Davidson, MA/MFA Chapman University
Rhetorical theory, new media theory, and composition pedagogy

Sarah Robblee
Technical and professional communication, technical editing, grant writing, and rhetorical studies.

Richard Ruppel, PhD, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Early modernism, Joseph Conrad, British colonial literature, queer theory

Justine Van Meter, PhD, Vanderbilt University
Comparative literature, Modern/Contemporary Irish literature, postcolonial theory and literature, cultural theory

Myron Yeager, PhD, Purdue University
18th-Century British literature, Samuel Johnson and the Earl of Chesterfield, modern drama