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Here you will find frequently asked questions about Student Conduct and its process at Chapman University

+ - What is the procedure if I was “written up” for conduct?

studentsThe procedure for being “written up” for conduct varies by case. In general, an incident report is written, and then it’s reviewed by Resident Advisors and Director of Student Conduct. A “Case” is then created and a Hearing Officer will contact you to schedule an Administrative Hearing. At this point, the Hearing Officer will then give instructions in regards to the next steps of the process. You can find more information at

+ - What do I do if I want to appeal?

The first step is to read the section of the Student Conduct Code on appeals. Then, you should contact Colleen Wood, Director of Conduct, and submit your appeal in a hard copy to her. You can find more information on the appeals process at

+ - How do I become a part of the Student Conduct Board?

Applications for the next academic year will be available during Spring Semester. You can find further information online at

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