Office of Sustainability

» Sustainable Campus Initiatives

Water Conservation

Because Chapman University is located in Southern California, it is imperative for us to conserve water however and wherever possible. 

Energy Management

Chapman University’s Facilities Management Department is responsible for creating an energy-efficient and environmentally-conscious campus through the development and implementation of energy conservation practices and programs.

Sustainable Transportation

Chapman University encourages its community to use sustainable commuting options and offers a variety of incentives, discounts, and rewards that will make exploring these options worthwhile.

Green Buildings

Chapman University has always practiced values of conservation and preservation as they relate to reusing existing buildings on campus and as we expand. Over the course of the University's 150+ year history it has worked to restore and repurpose buildings and homes on campus in an effort to reduce raw resource consumption, make use of the embodied energy of already existing structures, and contribute to the historic feel of the Old Towne Orange community.