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» Weigh the Waste

students near trays of uneaten food The Weigh the Waste Program takes place monthly in Chapman's Dining Hall. It was created as an educational program geared to assist students in post-consumer waste reduction. Several times each semester, the Office of Sustainability along with some helpful volunteers collect the uneaten food off students' plates before they leave the dining hall. Arranging and sorting by food type, trays of this wasted food is then put on display for the remaining time of the day so that students can have a visual representation of the amount of food wasted in a single meal period. Additionally, the trays are weighed to calculate the weight of the discarded edible and inedible waste.

We could not accomplish our weigh the waste events without our volunteers! Hours put in working this program can count toward community service, volunteering hours, or Greek life requirements. Additionally, volunteers get to eat for free during the meal period they help the program.