» Primary Content: Collapsible Region Example

The Collapsible Region is used for supplementary information on your page. This widget allows you to add more content without adding too much clutter to the visual page itself. Within the widget, you can add a section header and intro paragraph and as many Collapsible regions as you need. The content areas allow for full styling capabilities.  You can optionally leave one or both of those things off as well. Example of both ways are shown below.

Usage Note: More than eight of these collapsible regions in one widget starts to make the page heavy. Try breaking the information up by creating sections of collapsible regions as shown below.

This is an intro paragraph for this section of Collapsible regions. In this example there is no main section header above all these collapsibles. Compare to the other version of this widget further down the page.

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Collapsible Section Two

This is an intro paragraph for this section of collapsible regions and notice in this instance of the widget on this page, the optional section heading was populated and is seen above.

Even this introductory text is optional.

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