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Coronavirus Updates

» Coronavirus Updates


As of March 20, per California Governor Newsom’s Statewide Shelter-In-Place order, no one should be physically reporting to an internship site in California.  Student interns do not fall in the category of “essential personnel.”

The Office of Career and Professional Development and Office of the Provost worked together to find the solutions for student internship courses. While 60% of students are able to work remotely, 40% are unable to complete their internships.
Chapman has provided students with flexible academic completion options as follows:
  1. Complete regular internship hours/responsibilities as planned, remotelyfollowing standard Spring 2020 Internship Calendar deadlines and requirements 
  2. Complete Internship Alternative assignment(s)/project(s) this Spring 2020, to be determined by the Faculty Internship Advisor
  3. Request an Incomplete (I), with the hours to be completed at a later time when the situation has changed 
  4. Choose to reduce the academic credit/s earned* for their Spring 2020 internship to accommodate only those hours already completed  
  5. Withdraw (W)*from the internship course  
* Reducing the number of credit hours earned or withdrawing from a Spring 2020 internship should not be done if it jeopardizes progress towards a student’s degree, or reduces hours below full-time status.  This is an important consideration for students on financial aid, veterans' benefits, scholarships, or are international students on visas.  Before taking these steps, please tell your student to contact the appropriate office (financial aid, VA, international student advisor) to ensure they are not jeopardizing their status in these areas.  

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Should I continue my internship? 

As of March 20, per California Governor Newsom’s Statewide Shelter-In-Place order, no one should be physically reporting to an internship site in California.  Student interns do not fall in the category of “essential personnel.” 

Student interns may either: 

A)  Continue your internship completely remotely, completing internship responsibilities remotely from home while maintaining contact with your site supervisor and faculty internship advisor. 

B) If you are unable to work remotely complete your internship responsibilities remotely or your internship site does not permit remote work, you must discontinue your internship. Let your site supervisor know that you are not available for in-person, on-site  If there is a problem, please let them know that the University is requiring you not to report. You may show them the email titled "Important Update on Student Internships 3/20/20" sent to your Chapman email account on March 20, and/or direct them to Chapman’s Internship Coordinator with questions.  

Please note: If you previously chose to stay in a Chapman dorm in order to complete your internship, you are advised to return home at this time 

If your internship site moves to a remote work environment… 

If you continue your internship via working remotely, follow the guidelines and procedures set up by your internship site to complete your hours and intern position responsibilities.  

As always, interns should maintain regular contact and feedback systems with their internship site supervisor and faculty internship advisor.

If you choose to suspend your internship, your internship site closes, or working remotely is not an option for your internship… 

If you are unable to complete your Spring 2020 Internship remotely at this time, please contact your Faculty Internship Advisor as soon as possible.


Your Faculty Internship Advisor will assign you an Internship Alternative Assignment(s) that will allow you to complete your remaining registered internship credit/s this semester.    

If after discussing the Internship Alternative Assignment(s) with your Faculty Internship Advisor, and realize you are absolutely unable to complete the Internship Alternative Assignment(s), you may consider one of the following: 

  1. Request an incomplete (I), with the hours to be completed at a later time when the situation has changed (if the internship site is open to having the you return, and if you will be able to complete those hours in the future) 
  2. Choose to reduce the academic credit/s earned* for your Spring 2020 internship to accommodate only those hours already completed   
  3. Withdraw (W)* from your internship.  

*Reducing the number of credit hours earned or withdrawing from your Spring 2020 internship should not be done if it jeopardizes progress towards your degree, or reduces hours below full-time status.  This is an important consideration for students on financial aid, veterans' benefits, scholarships, or are international students on visas.  Before taking these steps, please contact the appropriate office (financial aid, VA, international student advisor) to ensure you are not jeopardizing your status in these areas.


For the most up-to-date information on Chapman internship courses and the Coronavirus, please continue to reference this page, which will be updated regularly.

Additional information about Chapman University’s response to the coronavirus can be referenced on Chapman's coronavirus website

If you have questions regarding your personal situation, please reach out to Chapman’s Internships Coordinator at internships@chapman.edu 

Career Services

Your Chapman Career team remains committed to providing students and alumni consistent, world-class career services while exercising an abundance of caution for the health of our Chapman Family.

We look forward to continuing to support you with your career endeavors during this time of transition.

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Full-service career support remains available to all students with the Office of Career and Professional Development and College Career Advisors.

You can schedule your virtual phone or video appointment on Handshake through the same process as before services went virtual; when you schedule your appointment, you will be provided a Zoom meeting link in the "office location" section of the appointment summary to access your appointment. On-screen instructions are available on the @chapmanucareer Instagram.

If you are no longer able to complete your appointment, as always, please cancel or reschedule your appointment directly on Handshake. (Directions)

Drop-In Hours

Drop-In Hours have been discontinued until further notice. Please reference the Drop-In Hours calendar for updates.

However, additional appointment availability blocks have been opened during former drop-in hours, so students have increased access to time-sensitive career support.

Schedule your appointment on Handshake for career support.


Previously Scheduled Events for Spring 2020

Many career events, including workshops and mock interviews, can be effectively delivered through online mediums. Chapman will continue to provide professional development opportunities by transitioning to online formats whenever possible, en lieu of canceling events. Of course, some events, including large networking events, have been canceled or postponed to follow social distancing and crowd control guidelines.

All event updates can be found on the individual event pages on Handshake. Please reference the individual event page for the event you are interested in for the latest information regarding format changes or cancellations. 

Virtual Career Events

In the face of the rapidly developing professional landscape, students and alumni can look forward to expanded online events, including virtual workshops. Events will be posted on Handshake and Events.Chapman.edu for your convenience.

Interactive Virtual Workshops will be held on a frequent and consistent basis. Topics planned and/or previously covered include: 

We want to hear what type of events and workshops interest you. Please submit your feedback, ideas, and requests to the career team at career@chapman.edu for consideration. 

Are Employers still recruiting right now?

In response to COVID-19 impacts on workplaces and classes, NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) surveyed employers and universities regarding their response to COVID-19.

The survey found that an overwhelming majority of 90% of employers are continuing their internship programs as planned, including summer internship programs currently in the recruiting process. 

The moral of the story? Keep applying and interviewing for positions, especially if you plan on interning or working this summer, or are graduating and are getting ready for your first post-grad step. Do not put your search on hold; don't miss out on professional opportunities! The workplace is still working, and recruiters and still recruiting. You should still be actively applying.

One likely change you'll experience is more phone and video interviews during the application process rather than in-person interviews. These require just as much preparation as in-person interviews. Make an appointment with a Chapman Career Educator/Advisor for mock phone and video interviews. We also recommend that you practice interviewing on camera by using Chapman's complimentary InterviewStream service.

Working Remotely & Continuing Your Professional Development

The boss may be out – but self-discipline is in. 

In a fragile economy and sensitive time, showing up, delivering, and continuing to demonstrate your value in the workplace is more important than ever. Do not use this newfound freedom as an ‘opportunity’ or excuse to jeopardize your reputation or derail your track record. HR probably already said it, but here it comes again: remote working is a privilege, not a right.

We know you’ve seen countless articles about making a tidy space, keeping a schedule, dressing up, taking regular breaks… so we won’t bore you with that. But here’s something you may not have considered: There’ a silver lining to being ‘stuck’ inside.

With less time being spent at extracurriculars, we each have a unique opportunity to invest time in ourselves. If you’ve been putting off continued education, certifications, training, or learning new tools, now could be the perfect time to dive in.

Enhancing your resume and showing new skills at work is another great way to evidence your commitment to your professional role and add value to your company during this challenging time. Investing in your education/professional development is always a quality use of time.

Don’t know where to start? LinkedIn Learning is offered by many companies for free, and is included with a LinkedIn Premium Account. They even have a remote working training! 

You’d also be surprised by the expert-level training and guides found on Youtube and provided for free by industry professional associations. Get searching!

Virtual Interviews

For the foreseeable future, most interviews will be conducted remotely – that is, phone or video. Now is the time to get comfortable with the new normal.

Video interviews serve the same purpose as in-person interviews; the company is hoping to find a good candidate for their open position and the candidate is hoping to find an employer that meets their needs. Many of the fundamentals to an in-person interview (timeliness, body language, professionalism, focus, and responsiveness) will also help make a good impression in a virtual interview.

So what’s the difference? Technology. To the tech-savvy rolling their eyes: We are mere mortals, our computers can go on the fritz, companies can choose unfamiliar software, and Murphy’s law chooses to rule in the most inopportune times… so do yourself a huge favor and practice first. A recent article by Balance Careers states “the key to a successful video interview is to practice beforehand so that you avoid technical problems and feel confident with the process.”

More good news for you here! As a Chapman alum, you have free access to the most-used video interviewing platform in over 120 countries, InterviewStream. The platform is loaded with mock interview questions that you can record yourself answering, watch back, and share with others – whether that be a colleague, professor, mentor or friend – for feedback.

Virtual Interview Resources and Events

Internship Cancellation Resources

Laid off?

Unfortunately, some companies are starting to lay people off or putting teams on furlough. If this happens to you, know that this is not your fault. Many Americans are in your same shoes.

Time for a deep breath.

Now, tackle your immediate financial health first. If you’re eligible for unemployment, consider filing to mitigate loss of income. Look at ways to save money; cut your budget, call your mortgage, loan, and credit card companies and see if there’s anything they can do to help you during this time. Consult an expert and take advantage of all available resources. For instance, did you know that as a Chapman alum you have free access to financial literacy and planning platform, iGrad?

Then, take a few days to strategize and set up an appointment with your Chapman Career Team. We’ll get you ready to hit the pavement…virtually, of course!

Message to Alumni

We understand that during this unique time of adaptation, many of you may be facing uncertainty with your jobs. Rest assured, we are actively engaging in conversations and staying apprised of how the Coronavirus is/will impact workforces and hiring, and will continue to pass the information along to you.

Professional development, career support (including appointments) and recruiting services are still available to all students, alumni and employers on a virtual basis. Whether you are preparing for your first-ever virtual interview, want to discuss maintaining professional relationships, or need to create a job transition strategy, your Chapman Career Team is here to help. Set up your Handshake account to access alumni career services and appointments.

Please also remember that the Class of 2020 is getting ready to enter the workforce and are looking for opportunities. Continue to support the next generation of professional Panthers by sharing your job and internship openings with your Chapman Family.

Message to Parents

This is a critical time for students to stay engaged with their career resources and network. The landscape of the workplace, how we connect, and the hiring process are changing due to COVID-19. It is uncertain how individual job searches will be affected, and for a while, the process may be more difficult. For those graduating seniors preparing to enter the workforce, this shift brings understandably heightened anxiety. Chapman is keenly aware of and responding to the professional development challenges students and alumni are facing, and continues supporting students and alumni through these unprecedented times.

Job Search: Though the types of jobs in demand, companies hiring, and industries growing has temporarily changed, there are still companies hiring and opportunities available. In the last two weeks alone, over 1,200 jobs have been posted by employers on Chapman’s career portal, Handshake. Additionally, our career team is focusing on connecting students with remote work opportunities. If your student having trouble finding work, please encourage them to reference the new Covid-friendly and remote job and internship list, use the remote jobs filter on Handshake (where a growing collection of nearly 1,200 remote work opportunities are featured) and reach out to the Chapman Career Team for support.

Career Service Accessibility: Full service career support remains available to all students with the Office of Career and Professional Development and College Career Advisors. Students can schedule their virtual phone or video appointment on Handshake through the same process as before services went virtual. Career events, including interactive workshops and employer information sessions and panels, are being hosted virtually en lieu of cancelation in every case possible. In April alone, 5 interactive virtual career workshops are being hosted on topics ranging from virtual networking to job search. Students can access all career events on their career portal, Handshake.

Internships: In the face of internship program changes and cancelations across industries, the Office of Career and Professional Development and Office of the Provost swiftly worked to find solutions for students in academic internship courses. Those students unable to complete their internships have been provided flexible academic completion options, including alternative internship assignments. 

alumni doing a video interview on her kitchen table

Blog: Moving Up While Sheltering in Place

When we’re on the other side of this, what do you want to have achieved? Use these resources to prepare for the unique professional challenges that lay ahead. Here's what to do if you’re in the middle of your job search, working remotely, getting ready for a video interview, or laid off.

Resource: Covid-friendly & remote job and internship List

For now, your job search may be harder, but continuing your search with patience and persistence is crucial. This is not the time to lose momentum. No matter what the news says, don’t stop applying. Here are a few leads of where to look.

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Coronavirus Updates

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Additional information about how Chapman is responding to the Coronavirus is available on Chapman’s Coronavirus Resource Page.
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