» Take the Pledge Against Plastic

Taking the pledge to make one simple change in your lifestyle can have a much more significant impact than you may think. The 2014 Environmental Audit, conducted by the 2014 Environmental Science and Policy Program graduating class, included a section analyzing Chapman's water features. Here are some of their findings:

  • Sodexo, Chapman's sole plastic water bottle seller on-campus, sells an average of over 4,700 plastic water bottles every week
  • A single student who purchases one water bottle 5 days a week for a whole semester (36 weeks) at Sodexo's price of $2.09 per bottle could save about $376.20 a semester if they used a refillable water bottle instead.
  • Plastic water bottles use a lot of energy and resources to manufacture, so even a single person reducing their use of plastic makes a difference.
  • Read the full chapter on Water Features, along with many other aspects of campus sustainability, from the 2014 Environmental Audit here

Those who submit the following pledge will be entered into a monthly raffle for various prizes, including reusable water bottles, gift cards, and much more!