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Targeting Chapman’s Alternative Transportation Improvements

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Chapman University has a large number of students who commute to campus daily, however little is known about their commuting habits. In order to make successful recommendations about alternative transportation strategies that will be utilized by students, it is important to to understand where students commute from and what their transportation preferences are.

Active and Public Transportation

image of bike wheels

These chapters of the 2017 Environmental audit focus on the impacts of active and public transportation at Chapman University and how they compared to personal vehicle transportation. Additionally, they assess bike culture at Chapman University.


image of an orange ride sharing sign Many people who drive to Chapman University every day arrive in single passenger vehicles. However, ridesharing can reduce this number by reducing the amount of  people who commute in single passenger vehicles with the added bonus of reducing traffic congestion in the city of Orange from people coming to campus. 

Parking Demand Management

image of car inside of a parking garage

As Chapman University’s population continues to grow, car congestion is going to continue to increase. This chapter of the audit explores meeting the demands of the growing student body population while increasing parking efficiency and increasing sustainability through the use of parking guidance systems and transportation bundle packages.