» Canceling an Event in 25Live

Occasionally, you will have an event in 25Live that you want to be canceled. You can request to cancel your event by sending us an email from within 25Live. 

1) Start in the 25Live homepage and click on “Go to Search”


2) Select “Event” Search.  Enter your reference ID number in the “Quick Search”


3) From your Event details page, located and click on “More Actions” and then select “Email Event Details”


4) Click on the box for “Event Scheduling”  add “Cancel” to the subject line. Add to the body of the email and check the box for “Include event details in body of message”  and click on “send”


5) Email us your confirmation: in your email, open your confirmation and forward it to eventscheduling@chapman.edu please include what occurrence you want to cancel if your event has multiple occurrences.