» Starring your favorites

Starring your favorite events, locations, resources, and organizations allows you quick access to the items you work with most often. Starred items are available as the default list in the Events, Locations, Resources, and Organizations views.

The "star" icon indicates the item is currently "starred"

Tap or click the "star" icon to un-star an item

Tap or click the "star" icon to star an item

Here are search examples where you would start from the Homepage “Go to search”

1)Location Search, select categories and select the availability tab.

2) Resources: helpful tip, click on “List” to view all resources associated with the search


3) Organizations, search for your department, select the “list” tab.

4) Event Favorites: Search for your event by entering your reference ID number on the search box.

4a) Open your event and click on “More Actions” and click on “Add to Favorites”