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80%+ of Jobs are Filled Via Networking
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» Networking: A Fancy Word for Relationships

It's not just about who you meet at a suited-up cocktail reception

(although those connections are great, too)

Networking is about relationships. Everyone has a network- but not everyone can easily identify their network contacts. Here are some possible network contact sources

+ - Personal

  • friends and relatives
  • families of friends; friends of relatives
  • relatives of friends
  • neighbors
  • fraternity/sorority members
  • sports partners
  • members of your service or professional or religious affiliation associations and clubs

+ - Professional

+ - Educational

What is Networking?

+ - What networking is

  • Networking is helping others (watch this The Art of Giving Back When Networking video clip from Lynda's Professional Networking course for an details) 
  • Connecting with people and cultivating relationships
  • Exchanging information, resources and support to create mutually beneficial relationships for personal and professional use
  • About achieving visibility
  • An opportunity to:
    • Put yourself out there!
    • Develop good listening skills
    • Practice your formal and informational interviewing skills
    • Be honest, tactful and ethical
    • Gain insight into the career and profession you are interested in
    • Practice you elevator pitch
    • Gain resume feedback

+ - What networking isn't

  • It is not all about “schmoosing”
  • It is not about  manipulating people to get hired
  • It is not a quick fix. It is a long-term investment.
  • It is not asking for a job or using people. Students often hesitate to network because they feel awkward asking for help but it is a very important part of your professional success.

+ - When networking is done right...

  • You obtain valuable advice and support
  • Leads to access to insider information about companies and jobs before advertised
  • Network contacts may assist you with navigating the job search process

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