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80%+ of Jobs are Filled Via Networking

» Networking: A Fancy Word for Relationships

80% of jobs are filled through networking

It's not just about who you meet at a suited-up cocktail reception...

(although those connections are great, too)

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What is Networking?

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What networking is

  • Connecting with people and cultivating relationships
  • Exchanging information, resources, and support to create mutually beneficial relationships for personal and professional use
  • About achieving visibility
  • An opportunity to:
    • Put yourself out there!
    • Develop good listening skills
    • Practice your formal and informational interviewing skills
    • Be honest, tactful and ethical
    • Gain insight into the career and profession you are interested in
    • Practice your elevator pitch
    • Gain resume feedback
  • Networking is about becoming part of the network

What networking isn't

  • It is not all about “schmoozing.”
  • It is not about manipulating people to get hired.
  • It is not a quick fix. It is a long-term investment.
  • It is not asking for a job or using people. It is about learning from others. It may feel awkward, asking questions and talking about yourself, but it is an essential part of your professional success.

When networking is done right...

  • You obtain valuable advice and support
  • Leads to access to insider information about companies and jobs before advertised
  • Network contacts may assist you with navigating the job search process

Your Network Includes...

Networking is about relationships, and everyone has a network. Here are some possible network contact sources.

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Informational Interviews

Informational interviewing is a more informal conversation with a professional in a job/company you are interested in to learn more from. Informational interviews are not job interviews. It is about people helping people, and a unique form of networking between two people. An informational interview provides you with insider insight. One person is working in a certain industry or field, and the other person is looking to learn more about the industry, field, career path or employer. You are not asking them for a job. You are reaching out and gaining information to help you with your career goals (but there is always a chance this could lead to an opportunity!).

Learn more in our Networking and Informational Interviewing Handshake article.

Networking Activities

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