» What Students Are Saying About the Honors Program

photo of Johnny G.

Johnny G.

The honors program has opened my eyes to new and interesting aspects of the world through the wide ranges of material discussed in each class. The classes span across a wide variety of unique topics, and the small class sizes allow for constructive, critical, and in-depth conversation. Also, the fact that professors get to tailor each class to their specific background and particular interests in social issues, and many other topics of their interest ensures that professors are knowledgeable and passionate about what they are teaching. I love the honors program because it allows me to take classes I want, not just ones that I need. The free printing is nice too.
photo of Sarah K.

Sarah K.

Honors is exactly what I hoped college would be: educational, entertaining and eye-opening. As a program it offers everything you could hope for. However, the best part of honors isn’t the high academic level, small class sizes or amazing community, it’s the passion the teachers have, and the classes that range from a study of monsters in literature to the ethical implications of biotechnology. Honors offers the opportunity to truly immerse yourself into a multidisciplinary subject, often leaving you with a broader understanding of yourself and the world.
photo of Jessica S.

Jessica S.

What I love most about the honors program is the variety of classes it offers and how it has given me the opportunity to meet people from all majors and backgrounds. The classes and connections I have made through honors have strengthened my passion for social justice, and my desire to improve the world. Being surrounded by intelligent individuals in discussion based classes has shown me how powerful young minds can be, and I feel inspired by my peers every day.