Chapman's Dr. Carmichael Peters works with students in his Honors Capstone course.
University Honors Program

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The Honors Capstone (HON 498) is a 3-credit class offered both fall and spring semesters. It is designed like a "writers' workshop" to provide a supportive environment for the discussion of ideas, plans, and research strategies. It is the place to refine your capstone project through suggestions and feedback from fellow Honors students.

You can download and print the Honors Capstone information booklet. In it, you will also find a copy of the Capstone Initiation Form.

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Honors Capstone Overview

The Honors Capstone:

  • is a mentored independent research or creative project
  • can be done in conjunction with the department in which you are majoring
  • requires a public presentation to Honors guests, faculty, and students at an on-campus conference usually held on the first Saturday in May
  • should display a high level of intellectual ability and creativity on a specific subject or area
  • should demonstrate general abilities valued in any college graduate:
    • ability to communicate effectively in speech and writing
    • ability to think critically and constructively
    • ability to locate and evaluate information
    • ability to recognize and respond to ethical issues
    • ability to place one's work in the broad context of human effort