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University Honors Program

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They say that what you put in is what you GET out. As a community of scholars, the Honors Program provides students with educational and advancement opportunities, new and fun ways to learn, and the chance to form meaningful relationships.  Check out our top four reasons to join the honors program.

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Honors isn't just about taking's about becoming part of a community of scholars!

Get a New Perspective

  • Travel the globe. Any course taken while studying abroad for a semester can count as 1 of the honors elective courses. There are quite a variety of semester-long study abroad opportunities. In addition, the university offers short travel courses, which are 1- to 4-week courses taught by Chapman faculty in cities and countries all over the world. Interning abroad also is possible.
  • Interested in designing and conducting your own class as a preceptorial? With Honors, it's possible.

Get Priority Registration

  • To be eligible for priority registration by class Honors students must have either fulfilled all Honors requirements (with the exception of Honors Capstone) or completed at least two Honors courses during the prior academic year. Honors students in their first year who have matriculated are eligible for priority registration if they are enrolled in or have completed at least one Honors course.

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