Chapman honors collage final from 2013.
University Honors Program

» University Honors Program

The Honors Program is designed for academically talented and intellectually curious students who want to pursue interdisciplinary and cross-cultural studies. The program combines a flexible, interdisciplinary curriculum with small, discussion-centered classes.

Students and faculty are encouraged to connect and share emerging ideas, drawing on shared texts, lectures, seminar discussions and cultural experiences. The mission is to prepare students for personally fulfilling and socially responsible lives during their college years at Chapman and beyond. Watch this short video to see Honors in action and hear what our students have to say:

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Monthly Updates

Thank you so much to John Carlos for coming to Chapman! Here is a video of his talk.

Program Details and Requirements

The broad interdisciplinary honors program is based on great books and events from cultures from around the world. Honors students and faculty concentrate on mutually critical exchanges between the classics of human cultures and the contemporary world. Seminars are the heart of the honors program. They are grouped in 3 main areas of study:

  • Human Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social Sciences

Incoming Honors students must:

  • Complete 8 Honors courses for a minimum of 24 credits.*
  • Select 6 classes from a variety of courses. Must take 1 course from each of the 3 main categories: Human Sciences, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences.
  • Take the Honors Forum in their first year as an Honors student.
  • Take the Honors Capstone Seminar in their senior year.

* Incoming transfer students with 60 units or more prior to matriculation are required to complete 3 Honors courses (at least 1 course from each category), the 1-credit Honors forum their 1st year as an Honors student and the Honors Capstone seminar. Nine credits, other than the capstone seminar, must be at the 300 level or above.

How Does Honors Fit into the CU Curriculum?

  • Completion of the program satisfies the Inter/Multidisciplinary GE Cluster.
  • Select courses may also satisfy other major, minor or GE requirements.
  • Any course taken while studying abroad for a semester can count as 1 of the Honors elective courses.

Honors Learning Outcomes

Upon completing a course in the University Honors Program students will have:

  1. Obtained a starting point for integrative exploration of the development of cultures and intellectual achievements through a variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives;
  2. Sharpened their ability to critically analyze and synthesize a broad range of knowledge through the study of primary texts and through engagement in active learning with fellow students, faculty and texts (broadly understood);
  3. Understood how to apply more integrative and interdisciplinary forms of understanding in the advancement of knowledge and in addressing complex challenges shaping the world;
  4. Developed effective communication skills, specifically in the areas of written and oral exposition and analysis.

Apply to the University Honors Program

The application for admitted Fall 2020 students is now closed.

Contact the Honors office for information on the program and applying.

Admitted, incoming students can apply at:

Current Chapman students should email  for more information on applying.

What Honors Students Are Saying

“Honors is sort of like the biggest, craziest extended family you'll ever find.” – Laura 

“The classes are phenomenal, emphasizing discussion and participation instead of simply sitting down in front of a professor that lectures the whole class period.” – Leanna

“Honors has the most interesting classes on campus, hands down.” – Michael

Donate to Honors

Support the Honors Program by making a donation. To donate to the Marian Wright Edelman First Generation Endowed Scholarship, please fill out and mail this form.

Dare to Think.

Check out Sapere Aude, the Honors Program's online journal and view the latest volume, "Identity." Submissions for the next volume open in the fall.