Chapman students sit in an Honors course as their professor teaches.
University Honors Program

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Students who wish to complete the University Honors Program, which culminates with a capstone senior seminar, must fulfill the requirements listed below under the first two tabs. 

To remain in the program, Honors students are expected to hold a 3.3 GPA by the end of their sophomore year and maintain it through their senior year. If a student's GPA drops below 3.3, the student is on probation, with the expectation that the GPA will return to the required level by the end of next semester. The student should also consult with the director during this period.

Below are also the syllabi for all of Chapman's Honors courses in PDF format. Some courses may fall into multiple categories. Course descriptions may be found in the Chapman catalog.

 * Courses under multiple main categories can only be assigned to one category. 


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