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To the Readers: Sapere Aude is a publication by and for the students of the Chapman University Honors Program, a program that encourages cooperation and camaraderie across the boundaries of discipline. The beauty of encouraging such interdisciplinary connection is that it, following the motto of Sapere Aude, dares people to think, to think of anything they can. This publication seeks to showcase the unique talents of these students while rewarding them with the prestige that comes with publication experience.

To the Creators: With graduate school and the professional world on the horizon, nothing can prepare the student in quite the same way as publication. Whether you’re looking to publish for the first time, or you’re a veteran of the process, we encourage you to participate in a scholarly and creative discourse by submitting your work here.

Sapere Aude accepts work that responds to the theme of the current issue in context of one of the categories, whether that work is non-fiction, creative non-fiction, short stories, poetry, plays, screenplays, paintings, drawings, sculptures, music, dance, film, photography, fashion, etc. Take a look at our submission guidelines and select your category of interest. Remember, risk-taking and experimentation are encouraged. After all, we are daring you to think.

Sapere Aude is a publication by and for the students of Chapman University’s Honors Program. Our journal, in keeping with the Honors Program’s core philosophy of interdisciplinarity, encourages cooperation and camaraderie that extends beyond disciplinary boundaries.

Each academic year, Sapere Aude will be produced by two or three editors and a faculty advisor, who will assist with journal production. Editors will have appointment terms for up to two years. Those seeking an editor position should apply and will be reviewed by current editors and the Honors Advisory Board.

The next submission period will open next semester.

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