Chapman students pose in front of their poster, which discusses an innovative, interdisciplinary topic.
University Honors Program

» Honors Preceptorials

A preceptorial is a student-designed and student-directed course that is offered during interterm sessions. The design process begins during the spring semester prior to next year's interterm session. Interested? See below:

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Create, design and teach a course with fellow Honors students!

  • Decide on a topic you want to learn more about.
  • Get a faculty preceptor to supervise the course. The Honors Director will contact that faculty member to make the arrangements.
  • Find fellow students to be in your cohort - to help you design the course content, and also take the class!
  • Work with the preceptor during the spring semester to construct a syllabus. Decide what will be covered during each class session.
  • Divide discussions and presentation of information among the cohort, giving everyone a role to play in teaching the class. Finalize the course in the fall semester, in time for the upcoming interterm class.
  • Teach each other during the class. The preceptor supervises the class and grades each student.