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General Education Program

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The General Education program at Chapman reflects the University’s mission to provide its students with a personalized education of distinction that leads to inquiring, ethical, and productive lives as global citizens. 

A balance between depth and breadth of learning guide the overall Chapman academic program requirements. Depth of study is provided through the major and studies in a secondary area, which can be a minor, second major, or an Inter/Multidisciplinary Cluster. Breadth of experience is provided through choices made in completing the GE program in the Shared Inquiry Areas and Global Studies Cluster. The overall academic program provides a student with a major field of study and supporting liberal arts education at the baccalaureate level.

Students can shape and personalize their GE programs to provide the most benefit for their individual educational journeys at Chapman. GE courses can be taken throughout the student’s time at Chapman, allowing for program flexibility, integrated learning, and student responsibility.

The choices made in the GE program allow students to develop new areas of knowledge, make connections across courses and disciplines, and integrate GE courses with their majors and their larger learning objectives. The overall goal is that Chapman students become motivated, self-sufficient, flexible, life-long learners who will succeed as they move through their future life pathways, no matter where their journeys take them.

How the GE Program works:
To complete the GE Program requirements, each student must complete courses in the four categories listed below.

A certain number of GE courses may be shared with a student’s major and minor. However, GE courses may only be used to complete one GE category. For more on credit sharing between major, minor and GE, see the GE Program Guidelines.

GE courses may also be completed by testing or transfer credit. Consult the websites provided by the Office of the Registrar regarding AP, IB, CLEP, and transfer equivalencies. The Global Studies Office Global Gateway provides information on courses approved to satisfy GE categories through their partner programs.

The GE Program Category Requirements:
The GE program consists of four categories. Read about each category and consider ways in which your choices in each strengthen your overall academic plan.

  • First-year Foundations Course - The First-year Foundations Course (FFC) is designed to strengthen the critical thinking skills of all first-year students in dynamic learning seminars with outstanding faculty. While all sections vary in topic, they share the same learning goal: students critically analyze and communicate complex issues and ideas.
Courses from a variety of disciplinary areas and at all academic levels are available to address each of these topics.
  • Global Citizen Cluster – In order to explore the diversity inherent in our social and natural environments, including human diversity and world cultures, the Global Citizen Cluster includes the following areas;
  • Inter/Multidisciplinary Cluster (IMC) /Minor/Second Major– Students have the opportunity to explore a secondary area of interest by choosing a sequence of courses from an inter/multidisciplinary focus, known as the Inter/multidisciplinary cluster, or selecting a minor or a second major. Completing the Chapman Honors Program also satisfies this requirement.

Academic Advisors in the Academic Advising Center can assist you with planning your first year GE courses. They can direct you to suggested GE program options that meet your interests, help you with identifying shared GE courses in your major, and assist you in incorporating GE courses in your four-year plan. Faculty advisors and mentors can also help you in selecting the best options to meet your academic goals.

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