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History of the University Honors Program
Take a look to find out when and how the University Honors Program began at Chapman University. 
Learn more about its early design and how it has evolved over the years.

Honors Courses
Throughout the years, Honors courses were designed to be interdisciplinary in nature. 
The small seminar-style classes focus on discussion and the exchange of ideas -- rather than lecture. Take a look at the pre-2012 catalog to see the variety of classes offered through this program.

Historical Photos
Enjoy a slideshow, with pictures dating back to the start of the Honors Program.

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Honors Program Directors

Dr. Carmichael C. Peters
Carmichael Peters
2009 - present
Pat See
Patricia See
Dr. Marv Meyer
Marvin Meyer
James Moseley
James G. Moseley
Dr. Marv Meyer
Marvin Meyer
Joseph Runzo
Joseph Runzo
Thomas Beck
Founding Director
Thomas Beck