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Instructional Technology

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Instructional Technology supports teaching and learning at Chapman University. We help faculty to choose and learn to use technology to fulfill their pedagogical goals. We do this through one-on-one consultations, group workshops, and online trainings. Please contact us at edutech@chapman.edu for more information.

Course Management

ETS supports Canvas as Chapman’s main course management system. Through Canvas, faculty can share files and readings with students, embed video links, send class-wide announcements, post paperless assignments, add graded quizzes, post student grades, and much more. Canvas instructor training can be found at the following link: Canvas for Instructors. Students can find training at the following link: Canvas for Students. You can also contact our specialists at canvas@chapman.edu.

Lecture Recordings

Recording videos has never been easier at Chapman University. Whether you prefer to record video lectures on your desktop computer, or in a classroom, we have options for you. Contact edutech@chapman.edu for more information on any of these video recording platforms, or review more of this information through the following links.

Collaborations and Student Engagement

ETS offers several ways for students to collaborate with each other and engage both in and out of the classroom. Contact edutech@chapman.edu to learn more about collaborations and student engagement or click on these links.

Websites and Blogs

In a Web 2.0 world, we promote showcasing personal learning and accomplishments. ETS supports several ways for students and faculty to showcase their knowledge. Contact a consultant at edutech@chapman.edu for more information or peruse the following links for more information.