Multi-media collaborative classroom from Rinker room 207
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Classroom Technology builds the physical spaces and supplies the hardware for technology-rich classrooms. Here are some of the exciting projects and work we're doing to improve the physical learning environment for our campus.

Classroom Technology Working Group

Group of working individuals at table with laptops and drinks The Classroom Technology Working Group, co-chaired by Dr. Jana Remy, Dr. Ken Murphy, and Dr. Roxanne Miller, seeks to improve learning through improved classroom learning environments. They research existing classroom spaces and make recommendations for improvements. Their work consists of regular meetings, one-on-one consultations, and field trips to institutions and businesses working on classroom spaces.

Innovative classroom projects

Picture of Educational Technology Services tech hub

Projects for Classroom Technology include technology-rich, collaborative environments such as the renovations in Leatherby Libraries, room B14, and Beckman 201. Other projects include the newly rededicated Reeves Hall and up-and-coming work in Smith Hall as well as the addition of Panopto-enabled lecture capture in several rooms. 

What is Panopto and how do I use it?

Which classrooms are enabled with Panopto lecture capture?

Inventory tool...coming soon

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In order to help instructors make better use of their classrooms, Classroom Technology is building a tool to help instructors know what technologies they can expect in their scheduled room. This will also help faculty to request specific classrooms if they have specific technological needs.