» Exempt and Non-exempt

Staff or Administrator: What's the difference?

 Non-exempt (Staff)
  • Paid for all hours worked and are eligible for overtime pay when work is over eight hours in a day or 40 hours in a week. Must be provided rest and meal breaks
  • Document actual hours worked on timesheet
  • Work is performed under close supervision, supervision and general supervision
Exempt (Administrator)
  • Paid on a monthly salary and are not eligible for overtime pay. Are not required to take rest and meal breaks.
  • Document time-off typically in eight hours increment on administrator time-off report
  • Work is performed under general supervision, direction and general direction. Essential duties require employees to exercise discretion and make independent judgments that have significant impact on university's business operations


These are general guidelines and may not apply to all situations. Please review the Administrative Guidelines page for factors that may impact a position classification. For specific questions, please contact Human Resources Office.