Multi-media collaborative classroom from Rinker room 207
Classroom Technology

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Classroom Technology builds the physical spaces and supplies the hardware for technology-rich classrooms. Here are some of the exciting projects and work we're doing to improve the physical learning environment for our campus.

Zoom-Enabled Classrooms

Most Chapman classrooms at both Orange and Rinker campuses are Zoom-enabled. Zoom-enabled classrooms allow instructors to:

  • bring in guest speakers
  • record their lectures or class sessions
  • provide live and/or auto-transcription when needed

You will want to look up your classroom, check the "room type," and explore the resources on how to use your Zoom-enabled classroom.




Video Storage and Web-Conferencing Solutions

The video creation, sharing, and storage platform at Chapman University is currently Panopto. We are transitioning to the YuJa platform over summer of 2022. Read more about the transition from Panopto to YuJa.


The web-conferencing platforms available are Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet.


The integrated web-conferencing platforms in Canvas are currently BigBlueButton and Zoom.


YuJa training resources | YuJa blog posts and news

Zoom resources | Zoom blog posts and news

BigBlueButton resources | BigBlueButton blog posts and news

Inventory Tool

To help instructors make better use of their classrooms, Classroom Technology built an online tool so instructors know what technologies they can expect in their scheduled room. This will help faculty members request specific classrooms if they have specific technological needs.

Online Classroom Inventory

Schedule Training

Schedule in-person classroom tech assistance. A technician will meet you in your classroom and walk you through how to use the technology. This is best done during the summer when the rooms are more readily available. 

  • Orange campus: Visit the IS&T Bookings page and choose Orange Campus>Classroom Tech Assistance
  • Rinker campus: Visit the IS&T Bookings page and choose Rinker Campus>Classroom Tech Assistance