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National Review
Adam Smith: Community Is Based in Beneficence and Justice


Adam Smith Understood That We Need Each Other


Chapman News
Nobel Winner Vernon Smith Honored with First Doti-Spogli Award


The Sunflower
Nobel Prize winner visits WSU to celebrate new Woolsey Hall laboratory


Authors’ names have ‘astonishing’ influence on peer reviewers


Liberty Matters
What Adam Smith Means to Me (November 2021)


Two Policy Principles to Navigate the Economic Recovery


Chapman News
Economic Science Professors Make the Case for Balanced Reopening of Society


La Stampa
Liberare Energie dal Basso per Poter Rimettere in Moto Le Nostre Economie

04/07/2020 The Wall Street Journal Opinion
The Economy Will Survive the Coronavirus
03/23/2020 USA Today
Coronavirus Economy: Reports of an Economic Crash Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
01/08/2020 The Economist
The Power of Liberalism Can Combat Oppression in All its Forms
01/01/2020 Forbes
Vernon L. Smith: A Birthday Appreciation
12/27/2019 Competitive Enterprise Institute
Best Books of 2019: Humanomics by Vernon Smith and Bart Wilson
11/12/2019 SJSU Newsroom
Nobel Laureate Salutes San Jose State Alumnus Sidney Siegel
09/02/2019 The Library of Economics and Liberty
Humanomics: Moral Sentiments and Wealth of Nations for the Twenty-First Century.

Durham University Business School
Professors Vernon Smith and Peter Bossaerts visit the School


Wall Street Journal
Adam Smith’s Refreshing Idea of Justice

03/09/2019 Wall Street Journal
The Lesson From a Tariff Tale
03/01/2018 Concurrentialiste Review
Antitrust Conversations with Nobel Laureates

Alaska Public Media
UAA names economics lab after Nobel laureate Vernon Smith


‘It just fizzled away’ — how Nobel Prize-winning economists spent their winnings

10/06/2017 Independent Institute: The Beacon
The Core of the Classical Liberal Tradition: Adam Smith’s Concept of Justice

The Wall Street Journal
Economics With a Human Face

06/27/2017 The Wall Street Journal: Opinion
Trump’s Best Deal Ever: Privatize the Interstates

Chapman University Newsroom
Chapman celebrates Nobel laureate Vernon Smith’s 90th birthday


The Stream
Redeeming Economics: The Achievement of Vernon Smith


Action Institute: Religion & Liberty, Volume 26, Number 4
The evidence of things not seen: an interview with Vernon L. Smith

12/05/2016 Chapman University Newsroom
$15M+ gift establishes Smith Institute for Political Economy and Philosophy at Chapman University


Trinity News
Trinity Economic Forum draws to a close with clashing opinions by Paddy Cosgrave and Vernon Smith


Experimenting in the Laboratory of Economics


Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Housing Bubble Could Burn Investors, Warns Nobel Prize-Winning Economist 

12/01/2015 Forbes
Give The FDA Some Competition With Free To Choose Medicine
09/19/2014, 09/26/2014, 10/06/2014

Orange County Register
Part 1: Living Textbook Part 1: Heading off bubble would have been unacceptable

Part 2: Living Textbook Part 2: Balance-sheet crisis defined Depression era

Part 3: Living Textbook Part 3: Traditional economic models out the window


email response to Michael Hiltzik, March 19, 2014 :


Your LA Times update is accurate, but I do want to bring to your attention that I am not now, nor have I ever been, a "conservative." 

I understand that people make these simplistic inferences because of the need to categorize their subject on a political opinion scale. My views on immigration, peace, "crony" capitalism, TBTF, and sanctions are directly contrary to conservative ideology. 

Although the libertarians claim me, I have many departures from their position, but I do support their resolute opposition to foreign interventions, while finding individual cases in which intervention may be justified,...Vernon....

BTW, my favorite refrigerator sticker is "Who would Jesus deport?" 

Los Angeles Times
Did the fast-food industry play these Nobel economists for suckers?

02/09/2014 Tehran Times
Sanctions throttle trade and human economic betterment: Prof. Vernon Smith

Vernon L. Smith Visits Strata HQ


The Utah Statesman
'02 Nobel Prize winner speaks about economy and housing

11/13/2013 Huntsman News
Nobel Prize Winner to Speak at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at USU Nov. 13

Deseret News
Nobel winner lectures Utah State students on learning, economics

05/15/2013 Aftenposten
Nobelprisvinner venter norsk boligkræsj

The Daily Beast
Of Houses and Hamburgers

04/09/2013 The Orange County Register
Vernon Smith: Discovery gives learning that touch of magic
03/26/2013 Cato Institute
Cato Institute 30th Annual Monetary Conference: Welcome Remarks and Keynote Address
03/21/2013 Theeagle.com
Nobel Prize winner Vernon L. Smith says housing industry at center of economic downturns
03/19/2013 Chapman University Happenings
Housing bubble to be Professor Vernon Smith’s topic as visiting scholar at Texas A&M
12/14/2012 Investors.com
Obama's Mortgage Modification Program A Colossal Flop
10/26/2012 Lecture at Universidad Francisco Marroquín
Adam Smith on humanomic behavior
10/25/2012 The Orange County Register
Vernon Smith: Why economy is still ailing
05/01/2012 The American Interest: Policy, Politics & Culture
Underwater Recession
04/18/2012 Proceedings of Royal Society B
Risk and The Evolution of Human Exchange
03/20/2012 The Wall Street Journal  
ObamaCare's Flawed Economic Foundations
03/09/2012 SoCal Insider
The LA-China Connection
01/05/2012 ilevolucionista.blogspot.com
The New Evolutionary Enlightenment
12/07/2011 Reason.com
We Don't Face Any Good Options
12/05/2011 Truman Factor
Default is Not the End of the World
11/03/2011 Business Wire
Nobel Laureate to Participate in Nicholas Academic Center-Chapman University Program to Reach Inner-City High School Students
09/28/2011 Happenings
Prof. Smith Delivers Keynote to Hong Kong Business Conference
8/15/2011 Newsweek
The Road Ahead: Insolvency, Policy, and Economic Stress
Note from the author **An error in the next to final paragraph did not get corrected in the final draft of my article. It was not Bernanke's stimulus; it was the Bush-Obama federal government stimulus that failed. As noted, we still await the final consequences of Bernanke's unprecedented actions.**
8/12/2011 Reuters
Are Capitalists Happier
07/26/2011 Financial Times Economists' Forum
US fiscal stimulus disproportionately increased imports and trade deficit; expect the reverse with austerity
07/20/2011 Reason.TV
Nobel Prize-Winning Economist Vernon Smith on Experimental Economics, Adam Smith, The Housing Bubble, and His Journey Towards Libertarianism
02/11/2011 Nova
Mind Over Money
01/29/2011 Business Wire
Nobel Laureate Vernon L. Smith of Chapman University to Speak at Nicholas Academic Centers’ “Visiting Scholar Series”
01/24/2011 Newsweek
Mired in Disequilibrium: Do for households what the Fed sought for the banks
12/01/2010 The Wall Street Journal
What Ben Bernanke May Be Thinking
11/30/2010 Happenings
Dr. Vernon Smith to Give Talk in Poland on Recession
11/19/2010 COOL IT
Dr. Vernon Smith Interviewed in Documentary Film on Global Warming Debate
10/28/2010 Cobank Outlook Economic Data and Commentary
The Housing Market and Prospects For Recovery
10/26/2010 Happenings
Scholars call Professor Vernon Smith’s latest book a landmark work
10/17/2010 Economica
Robert Sugden reviews Rationality in Economics: Constructivist and Ecological Forms By Vernon L. Smith
09/10/2010 The Wall Street Journal
Why We're in for a Long, Hard Economic Slog
07/19/2010 The Daily Beast
Please, No More Government Spending!
01/08/2010 Happenings
Experimental Economics Lunch Sparks Lively Discussion
01/24/2010 Financial Times
Housing, depressions and credit collapses
11/12/2009 The Orange County Register
Old Towne: Ayn Rand's Bust Added to Chapman University
10/30/2009 Newsweek
Doom and Gloom: Investors are bidding up stocks, gold, and oil to dizzying heights. It's déja vu all over again.
10/16/2009 The Wall Street Journal
The ABC Dilemma of Health Reform
10/12/2009 Forbes
Governing the Commons
09/09/2009 The American
Nobel Nods: Climate Engineering Shows Promise
July 2009

Auctions, Market Experiments and Public Policy: A discussion with Professors Vernon L. Smith, Stephen Rassenti and Bart Wilson (PDF)  

 07/16/2009 The Market Oracle
Keynesian Economics, the Usual Suspects
07/14/2009 Critical Review
Monetary Policy, Credit Extension, and Housing Bubbles: 2008 and 1929 (PDF)
07/13/2009 The Chronicle of Higher Education
Autism as Academic Paradigm
06/08/2009 The Orange County Register
Editorial: A Coup for Chapman and Our Community
05/28/2009 BusinessWire
Chapman University Announces $3 Million Gift to Fund the Rebecca and William Dunn Distinguished Chair in Experimental Economics in Honor of Nobel Laureate Vernon L. Smith
04/06/2009 The Wall Street Journal
From Bubble to Depression?
12/19/2008 The New York Times
Tax Break May Have Helped Cause Housing Bubble
10/21/2008 Bloomberg
It Isn't a TARP Without Troubled Assets to Cover
10/21/2008 Bubbles: Surviving Until Next Time
10/09/2008 The Wall Street Journal
There's No Easy Way Out of the Bubble
10/03/2008 The Wall Street Journal
Don't Let Google Freeze the Airwaves
10/02/2008 Cité scolaire Camille Vernet
Anissa et les Nobel: Vernon Smith
(In English and French)
July 2008 CDTLink(Tri-annual newsletter from the Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning)
Education, Research and Experiments in Economics
By Professors Vernon L. Smith, Stephen Rassenti and Bart Wilson
Related downloadable PDFs: CDTLink July 2008 Issue (PDF)  "Education, Research and Experiments in Economics" Article (PDF)
07/08/2008 The Orange County Register
Nobel Prize Winner Puts Teens to the TestHigh school students learn economics by experiment at Chapman University
06/06/2008 The Wall Street Journal
A Different Consensus
03/03/2008 EconTalk
Vernon Smith on Rationality in Economics (Podcast)
Nobel Laureate Vernon Smith talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about the ideas in his new book, Rationality in Economics: Constructivist and Ecological Forms.
02/04/2008 The Orange County Register
Vernon Smith: Invested in Chapman University
Drawn by the chance to start an institute, an economist comes to Orange County, Nobel Prize in tow.

Q&A: Depression taught Smith first money lessons
Economist discusses his childhood, stock philosophy and shares some thoughts on the local housing market.

12/18/2007 The Wall Street Journal
The Clinton Housing Bubble
Opinion piece by Vernon L. Smith.
05/21/2007 EconTalk
Vernon Smith on Markets and Experimental Economics (Podcast)
Vernon Smith talks about experimental economics, markets, risk, behavioral economics and the evolution of his career.