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photo of Dylan Tevlin

Dylan Tevlin

Research Analyst at Koch Industries
"In this program, I felt like I was working on interesting, real-world problems, and that I had relatively large amount of control over what I was working on and the topics I was researching."
photo of Joy Buchanan

Joy Buchanan

Assistant Professor of Economics at Samford University
"I enjoyed being part of a community of people who were interested in economics."
photo of Samuel Harris

Samuel Harris

Research Data Analyst at CoreLogic
"It was a wonderful experience that broadened my academic and personal horizons and helped me develop a close network of friends and professional relationships that I continue to enjoy."
photo of David Munro

David Munro

Assistant Professor of Economics at Middlebury College
"The faculty at ESI are world-class and they were always willing to engage with the students, which I found invaluable."