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photo of Dylan Tevlin

Dylan Tevlin

Research Analyst at Koch Industries
"In this program, I felt like I was working on interesting, real-world problems, and that I had relatively large amount of control over what I was working on and the topics I was researching."
photo of Joy Buchanan

Joy Buchanan

Assistant Professor of Economics at Samford University
"I enjoyed being part of a community of people who were interested in economics."
photo of Samuel Harris

Samuel Harris

Research Data Analyst at CoreLogic
"It was a wonderful experience that broadened my academic and personal horizons and helped me develop a close network of friends and professional relationships that I continue to enjoy."
photo of David Munro

David Munro

Assistant Professor of Economics at Middlebury College
"The faculty at ESI are world-class and they were always willing to engage with the students, which I found invaluable."
photo of Tristan Tran

Tristan Tran

PhD Student at Chapman University
"The small class sizes and variety of perspective allowed me to pick up skills and explore subject matter. It let us have some freedom with our education and pursue precisely what interested us."