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Graduate Workshop 2020

ESI Welcomes Graduate Students and Presenters from Around the Globe

» 25th Visiting Graduate Student Workshop in Experimental Economics

January 7-11, 2020
Chapman University

Application is now closed. The deadline is October 4th at 5:00pm PST.

The International Foundation for Research in Experimental Economics (IFREE) has generously sponsored workshops for visiting graduate students, undergraduates and local high school students since its incorporation in 1997.

These workshops introduce students to Experimental Economics and identify promising individuals for pre- and post-doctoral fellowships.

ESI student workshopJanuary 7-11, 2020 IFREE will sponsor its 25th Visiting Graduate Student Workshop in Experimental Economics at Chapman University. The purpose is to provide an introduction to laboratory methods in economics for Ph.D. students. The workshop begins with an opening reception on the evening of Tuesday, January 8 and continues through dinner on Saturday, January 11. Sunday, January 12 is a day for travel.

This workshop is free for graduate students interested in using Experimental Economics in their Ph.D. dissertation research, but participants must provide their own transportation to and from the workshop.  Local housing arrangements are covered by a generous grant from IFREE. Participants must be able to stay for the duration of the workshop, arriving in time for the opening reception.

Each day eligible students will participate in an experiment for cash followed by a presentation from one of the workshop faculty.  Thus, as part of their learning experience, participants will earn money to help recover their travel expenses. Participants will have the opportunity interact with the faculty throughout the week.

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Please contact Cyndi Dumas at dumas@chapman.edu if you have any questions.


Important notice: In addition to applying, a Letter of Recommendation is required by the application deadline. A faculty member is limited to recommending one student.