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Working on exciting research and looking for an audience? Stuck on a problem and needing input? Look no further. The Economic Science Institute hosts a weekly brown-bag luncheon and paper workshop for faculty and students in the Argyros School of Business and Economics and the Schmid College of Science and Technology in Wilkinson Hall Room 116. Present your current research in an informal environment, and get feedback on your work.

Each workshop begins at 11:50 a.m. and lasts 1 hour. Participants are invited to bring a brown-bag lunch to eat as they ask questions and offer suggestions to our presenters.

If you would like to present your work, send an email to Alex Alekseev with dates on which you'd be willing to speak, along with a brief summary of your research. We ask presenters to submit projects with (at minimum) preliminary results; more complete papers are always welcome. Obviously, we don't expect to fill the list all at once, so each week in our reminder email we will send out a list of available dates and accept new submissions. We look forward to hearing about your work!

For a full listing of all events happening at the Economic Science Institute, view the Events Calendar.

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Scheduled Talks

All Brown Bag lectures for Spring 2020 have been canceled.

Previous Speakers


March 12, James Fan - "Nudging Organizations: Evidence from Four Large-Scale Field Experiments"

March 11, Matt Kovach - "The Focal Luce Model"

March 4, Jason Shachat - "Measuring Tastes for Equity and Aggregate Wealth Behind the Veil of Ignorance"

Feb. 26, Cheng Chou - "Can Willingness to Pay be Identified without Price Variation? What Big Data on Usage Tracking Can (and Cannot) Tell Us"

Feb. 19, Jeroen van de Ven - "The Strategic Display of Emotions"

Feb. 12, Swapnendu Banerjee - "Other Regarding Principal And Moral Hazard With Multiple Agents"

Feb. 5, John Duffy - "Bargaining Under Liquidity Constraints: Nash vs. Kalai in the Laboratory"

Jan. 15, Jingfeng Lu - "Optimal Disclosure of Value Distribution Information in All-pay Auctions"



Dec. 11, Yashar Barardehi - "Hang on to Your Shorts"

Dec. 4, Jean Paul Rabanal - "A Test of Portfolio Efficiency and for Risk-Preferences"

Nov. 27, Adam Sanjurjo - "The Role of Memory in Search and Choice"

Nov. 13, Rustam Romaniuc - "Whistleblowing Norms: Experimental Evidence from Moldova and France"

Nov. 6, Praveen Kujal - "Wage Proposals: An Experimental Study"

Oct. 23, Mohammad Zia - "Strategic Implications of Ad-Blockers and Limited Ad-Blocking"

Oct. 15, Daniel Zizzo - "Relative Risk Taking and Social Curiosity"

Oct. 9, Dustin Tracy and Vojtěch Zíka - "An Experimental Investigation of Income, Insurance, and Investments in Health over the Life Course"

Oct. 2, Alex Alexeev - "Preference for Automation"

Sep. 25, Nate Neligh - "Manipulation through Information Timing"

May 9, Agne Kajackaite - "Poverty Negates the Impact of Social Norms on Cheating (with Suparee Boonmanunt and Stephan Meier"

May 8, Heinrich Nax - "Feedback Effects in the Experimental Double Auction with Private Information"

May 1, Stergios Skaperdas - "For-Profit States and Big Gods"

Apr. 24,  Hao Zhao - "Solving the Common-Pool Resource Problem Using Markets? – A Study of Surface Water Trading and Groundwater Depletion in California"

Apr. 18, Stanton Hudja - "Voting for Experimentation: A Continuous Time Analysis"

Apr. 17, Erik Kimbrough - "Precise First Offers in Bargaining"

Apr. 10, Vojtech Zika - "The Equilibrium of Overconfidence"

Apr. 3, Nate Neligh, "Learning about Insurable Risk through Rational Memory"

Mar. 27, Daniel Stephenson - "Decisiveness and Convergence in Multi-battle Contests with Complementary Battlefields"

Mar. 20, Maria Bigoni - "Hope and Anger: an experiment on inequality and antisocial behavior"

Mar. 13, Matthew Polisson - "Revealed Preferences over Risk and Uncertainty"

Mar. 6, David Dickinson - "Using ethical dilemmas to predict antisocial choices with real payoff consequences: an experimental study"

Feb. 28, Abhijit Ramalingam - "Status and Trust in Representative Leaders: An Lab-in-the-Field Experiment in Rural Sarawak"

Feb. 27, Sabiou Inoua - "Market Experiments: A View from Classical Economics II"

Feb. 20, Roman Sheremeta - "Conflict in the pool: A field experiment on the role of valuation, scarcity, and strength."

Feb. 14, Hrvoje Stojic - "It’s new, but is it good? How generalization and uncertainty guide the exploration of novel options"

Feb. 13, Jing Liu - "Whither the Hidden Returns to Control: A Research Note"

Jan. 30, Timothy Shields, Ph.D. - "Financial Reporting, Moral Sentiments, & The Self-Regulation Of Management Behavior."

Jan. 23, Sabiou Inoua - "Market Experiments: A View from Classical Economics."



Dec. 5, David Rojo-Arjona - "An Evaluation of Bounded Rationality in (Experimental) Networks"

Nov. 28, Aleksandr Alekseev - "Success Decomposition: Using Response Times to Measure Ability and Motivation"

Nov. 14, Mary Rigdon - "Competing for Influence."

Nov. 7, Mohsen Javdani - "Who Said or What Said? Estimating Ideological Bias in Views Among Economists"

Oct. 31, Dustin Tracy - "Simulating Health Insurance Regimes' Adoption and Impacts across Lifetime in a Laboratory Experiment"

Oct. 24, Christian Riis - "All-Pay Auctions with Rank Information."

Oct. 17, Avner Seror - “Parental Rearing Practices, Cultural Transmission and Cognitive Development."

Oct. 11, Johanna Juernig - "Spite and Preemptive Retaliation after Tournaments"

Oct. 10, Rohit Ticku - "Economic Shocks and Temple Desecrations in Medieval India"

Oct. 3, Emiliano Huet-Vaughn - "A Kinky Consistency: Experimental Evidence of Behavior Under Linear and Non-linear Budget Sets."

September 26, Nate Neligh - "Modeling Rational Memory" 

Sept. 19, Yashar Barardehi - "Are Short Selling Restrictions Effective?"

Sept. 12, Po-Hsuan Lin - "The generality of Economic Principles of Bargaining and Trade: Evidence from 2164 Classroom Experiments."

Sept. 5, Bill Maurer - "The anthropology of accounting, money and payment, from cuneiform to cryptocurrencies." 

Aug. 29, Jing Davis - "Crowding Out Intrinsic Motivation to be Honest in Participative Budgeting: An Experimental Examination of Norm Sensitivity and Choice of an Information System"

Aug. 22, Carey Caginalp - "A Dynamical Systems Approach to Cryptocurrency"

May 16Ismael Rodriguez Lara - "United we stand: On the benefits of coordinated punishment"

May 9, Jordan Adamson - "The Market as a Geographic Coordinate: For Human Exchange and Agglomeration"

May 2, Jonathan Schulz - "Why Europe?: The Church, Kin-networks and Institutional Development"

Apr. 26, Alberto Mingardi - "The young Vilfredo Pareto. On some letters published by Benjamin Tucker's Liberty”

Apr. 23, Krishna Pendakur, Simon Fraser University - "Keeping up with peers in India: A new social interactions model of perceived needs"

Apr. 18, Jordan Adamson - "The Supply Side Determinants of Territory and Conflict"

Apr. 11, Ismael Rodriguez-Lara - "From foragers to farmers: A lab experiment on the evolution of human values"

Apr. 4, Monica Capra - “Volunteer now or later: the effects of effort time allocation on donations”

Mar. 28, Elena Pikulina - “Preferences for Power”

Feb. 28, Ran Zhao - "Preemption Through Non-disclosure in Management Buyout"

Feb. 21, Larry Iannaccone - “God Games: An Experimental Study of Uncertainty, Superstition, and Cooperation”

Feb. 14, Daniel Stephenson - “Multi-battle conflicts over complementary battlefields”

Feb. 7, Zhi Li - “Hidden Gems: Do Compensation Disclosures Reveal Performance Expectations?”



Dec. 5, Christoph Huber - “Market Experience and Price Efficiency – Evidence from Experiments with Financial Professionals”

Dec. 6, Sukari Farrington - “The Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility Investment and Disclosure on Cooperation in Business Collaborations”

Nov. 29, Jing Davis - “The Hidden Cost of Not Informally Controlling”

Nov. 27, Mark Schneider, Chapman University - “Motives for Cooperation in the One-Shot Prisoner's Dilemma”

Nov. 15, Tim Cason - “Correlated beliefs: Experimental evidence from 2x2 games”

Nov. 1, Erik Kimbrough, Chapman University - “Instructions"

Oct. 30, Miguel Brendl - “Pleasure, Motivation, and Utility”

Oct. 25, Mark Pickup, Simon Fraser University Political Science - “The Self-Reinforcing Effects of Political Identity Based Norms”

Oct. 18, Jean Paul Rabanal - “Pecuniary externalities in centralized and decentralized market formats: An experiment”

Oct. 4, Diego Aycinena - “Re-Trading, Price Discovery and Efficiency under Alternative Exchange Institutions”

Sept. 13, Soo Hong Chew - “Ellsberg meets Keynes: Missing Links among Attitudes toward Sources of Uncertainty”

Sept. 6, Karla Hoff, World Bank - “Cultural impediments to learning to cooperate"

Aug. 30, Aleksandr Bulkin, CoinFund (New York) - "Economic innovation made possible by blockchain"

May 17, Ran Zhao, Chapman University -  "Disclosure complexity and information acquisition in beauty contests"

May 10, Radhika Lunawat - "Trading Volume, Trading Horizons and Public Information"

May 03, Sreya Kokay - "Reverse-Fixed Payments in Distribution Channels with a Dominant Retailer

May 01, Nathanael Berger, Chapman University - "The Effects of High-Frequency Trading on Market Quality in Experimental Markets"

Apr. 26, Samuel Haefner, University of Basel - "Sisyphean Contests"

Apr. 5, Ellen Green - "The Impact of a Merit-based Payment System on Quality of Healthcare: An Artefactual Field Experiment"

Mar. 15, Diego Aycinena - "Injunctive and Descriptive Social Norms regarding Cheating: Cross Cultural Evidence"

Feb. 8, Jang-Ting Guo, UC Riverside - "Progressive Taxation and Macroeconomic (In)stability"



Dec. 14, Matthew Kovach - "Thinking Inside the Box: Status Quo Bias and Stochastic Consideration"

Nov. 30, Bart Wilson, Chapman University -  “The Meaning of Property in Things"

Nov. 9, Luke Lindsay, University of Exeter - “Avoidable Costs and Market Design"

Nov. 02, Nat Wilcox, Chapman University - “Random Expected Utility and Certainty Equivalents: Mimicry of Probability Weighting Functions"

Oct. 17, Dawei Fang, University of Gothenburg - "Selection contests are always clubby."

Oct. 19, Jiri Novak, Charles University in Prague - "Competitive threats, information asymmetry, and insider trading."

Oct. 05, Devin Shanthikumar, UCI - “Do retail investors understand restatements? Evidence from trading around fraud vs. non-fraud restatements.”

Sept. 28, Aidin Hajikhameneh, Chapman University - “Individualism, Collectivism and Alternative Enforcement Mechanisms in Exchange.”

Sept. 21, Mark Schneider, Chapman University - “Dual Process Utility Theory: A Model of Decisions Under Risk and Over Time”

May 18, Cristina Nistor - “A New Disneyland Dilemma: Seasonal Pricing for Emotional Mickey Mouse Fans”

May 11, Joaquín Gómez-Miñambres - “Labor Contracts, Gift Exchange and Reference Points: Your Gift Need Not Be Mine!”

May 04, Najrin Khanom, U.C. Riverside - “Role of Uncertainty and Fear in Stock Market Movements”

Apr. 27, Jonathan Leland, National Science Foundation - “Salience and Strategy Choice in 2x2 Games”

Apr. 20, Kevin McLaughlin, Chapman University - “Combinatorial Clock Auctions: Price Direction and Performance”

Apr. 13, Duk Gyoo Kim, California Institute of Technology - “Legislative Bargaining without Replacement”

Mar. 30, Beat Hintermann, University of Basel - “Explaining the EUA-CER spread”

Mar. 9, V.H. Gonzalez Jimenez, Tilburg University - “Believe me, you are (not) that bad”

Mar. 2, Jeanine Miklos-Thal, University of Rochester - “Making Sense of Restrictions on Online Sales”

Mar. 1, Praveen Kujal - “Endogenous Delegation"

Feb. 15, Ellie Green, Arizona State University - “Payment Scheme Self-Selection in the Credence Goods Market: An Experimental Study”

Feb. 17, Christina Nistor, Chapman University - “Relational Contracts in the Thoroughbred Horse Industry”

Feb. 10, Christina McRorie, University of Virginia - “What’s just when it comes to intellectual property? How Aquinas can help us reason about patents for HIV medications”

Feb. 03, Mark Schneider, Chapman University - “Framing and Ambiguity Aversion: An Experimental Study”



Dec. 09, Darcy Furge Kamal, Ph.D. - “Mutual and Exclusive: Dyadic Sources of Trust in Interorganizational Exchange.”

Nov. 4, Konstantin Lucks, Ph.D. - "The Impact of Self-Control on Investment Decisions"

Oct. 28, Daniel Chen, Ph.D. - "The Deterrent Effect of the Death Penalty? Evidence from British Commutations During World War I”

Oct. 21, David Munro, Ph.D. candidate - "Dynamic Runs and Circuit Breakers: An Experiment”

Oct. 14, Alan Gelder, Ph.D. - "All-Pay Auctions with Ties”"

Sept. 30, Ran Zhao, Ph.D. - "Corporate Governance Roles of Information Quality and Corporate Takeovers"

Sept. 16, Alexander Nekrasov, Ph.D. - "Headline Salience and Over- and Underreactions to Earnings"

May 20, Andrew Smyth, Ph.D. - “How the feasibility of product innovation affects price collusion”

May 13, Matthew Turk - “The Convergence of Insurance with Banking and Securities Industries, and the Limits of Regulatory Arbitrage in Finance”

May 6, Vincent Bourke, M.S. Student – “The Effects of Make & Take Fees in Experimental Markets”

Apr. 29, Mark Schneider, Ph.D. candidate – “Frame-Dependent Utility Theory”

Apr. 22, Gabriele Camera, Ph.D. - "Inequality of Opportunity and Economic Development"

Apr. 15, Guillaume Rocheteau, Ph.D. - "Limelight on Dark Markets: Theory and Experimental Evidence on Liquidity and Information"

Apr. 8, James Fisher, Ph.D. Candidate – “Matching with Continuous Bidirectional Investment”

Apr. 1, Nathanael Vellekoop, Ph.D. - "Inflation Expectations, Saving Plans, and Household Savings: Evidence from Panel Data"

Mar. 25, Jaehong Kim, Ph.D. - "Equilibrium Wage Rigidity in Directed Search"

Mar. 18, David Ong, Ph.D. - "Hard to Get: The Scarcity of Women and the Competition for High-Income Men in Chinese Cities"

Mar. 11, Joaquin Gomez-Minambres, Ph.D. - "Goal Setting in the Principal-Agent Model: Weak Incentives for Strong Performance"

Mar. 4, Sudipta Basu, Ph.D. - "Mental Memory, Accounting Records, and Business Knowledge"

Feb. 25, Giorgio Coricelli, Ph.D. - "Neural Correlates of Strategic Uncertainty"

Feb. 18, Jivas Chakravarthy, Ph.D. - " The Influence of Accounting Choice on Regulatory Outcomes: Evidence from Electric Utilities”

Feb. 11, Greg Waymire, Ph.D. - "Who Gets Swindled in Ponzi Schemes?"

Jan. 21, Radhika Lunawat, Ph.D. - “Information and Beliefs Formation in Asset Markets.”

Jan. 14, Marco Casari, Ph.D. - "Amoral Familism, Social Capital, or Trust? The Behavioral Foundations of the Italian North-South Divide"



Dec. 10, Kevin McLaughlin, Ph.D. Student - "Online Ad Auctions: An Experiment"

Nov. 19, Alexander Schuhr, Ph.D. student - “Reward Bundling: Experimental Evidence for the Economics of Impulse Control”

Nov. 12, Hernan Bejarano, Ph.D. - "Do Cab Drivers Charge for Congestion? A Traffic Field Experiment in Lima, Peru"

Nov. 05, Brian Gunia, Ph.D. - “Surf’s Up: The Motivational Implications of Organizational Solutions to Cyberloafing”

Oct. 22, Ryan Kendall, Ph.D. - "Decomposing Models of Bounded Rationality"

Oct. 8, Clas Whilborg, Ph.D. - “Soft Information Production and Investment in Specific Assets”

Sept. 17, Alan Gelder, Ph.D. - “Dynamic Behavior and Player Types in Majoritarian Multi-Battle Contests,”

Sept. 3, Cristina Nistor, Ph.D. - "Third Party Certification: The Case of Medical Devices"

May 21, Alessandro Sontuouso, Ph.D. - "A Dynamic Model of Belief-Dependent Conformity to Social Norms."

Apr. 30, Roberto Hernan Gonzalez, Ph.D.

Apr. 16, Dan Fragiadakis, Ph.D. student - "Identifying Predictable Players: Relating Behavioral Types and Subjects with Deterministic Rules"

Apr. 09, Ted Turocy, Ph.D.

Apr. 02, Michael Caldara, Ph.D. Student - "Network Formation with Limited Observation"

Mar. 19, Pablo Brañas Garza, Ph.D. - "Returns and contributions: The (added) value of social information"

Mar. 12, Nikki Sullivan, Ph.D. student

Mar. 05, Boris van Leeuwen, Ph.D. Student

Feb. 26, Anna Gunnthorsdottir, Ph.D.

Feb. 12, Garret Ridinger, Ph.D. student

Feb. 5, Lorenz Goette, Ph.D.

Jan. 15, Amrei Lahno, Ph.D. student



Dec. 11, Sukari Farrington, Ph.D. - “The effect of task difficulty on contract selection.”

Dec. 04, Timothy Shields, Ph.D. - “Limitations to Signaling Trust with All or Nothing Investments"

Oct. 30, David Rojo-Arjona, Ph.D. - "Heuristics in Games with Frames: Higher Coordination in Sets than Proper Subsets"

Oct. 23, Rong Rong, Ph.D. - "Money or Friends? Social Identity and Deception in Networks"

Oct. 16, Timothy Shields, Ph.D. - "Sexism and Cooperation"

Oct. 9, Eric Schniter, Ph.D. - "Ageism and Cooperation"

Oct. 2, Cortney Rodet, Ph.D. - "The Value of Political Expression"

Sept. 25, David Rojo-Arjona, Ph.D. - "Centrality, Control and Exclusion in Social Dilemmas"

Sept. 18, Gokcen Coskuner-Balli, Ph.D. - "Creating Market Practices: Shaping of the Yoga Market in the US"

May 7, Michael Caldara - The Origin of the State as a Stationary Bandit

Apr. 30, Jake LeMaster - Student Thesis Presentation

Apr. 23, Vivian Ho - Trade, the Law of One Price, and the Dynamic of Price Discovery

Apr. 10, 11:45-12:45 - Karla Conrad - Incentives to Relinquish Tenure in k-12 Education

Apr. 9, Heng Sok - Let's talk about Bubbles

Mar. 19, David Porter, Ph.D. - How To Master Your Fantasy (Football)

Mar. 12, Hernan Bejarano, Ph.D. - Risk, Strategic Risk and Participation in Payment for Performance Mechanism: An Experimental Approach with Farmers and Students

Mar. 5, Thomas W. Hazlett, Ph.D. - The Anti-Commons in HD: Coase, Demsetz, and the Light Squared Debacle of 2012

Feb. 7, Enrique Fatas - Carry a big stick, or no stick at all: An experimental analysis of trust and endogenous punishment

Jan. 29, Lilia Zhurakhovska - Voice Effects on Attitudes towards an Independent Decision Maker: Experimental Evidence.



Dec. 4, Joaquín Gómez-Miñambres - Goal Setting, Intrinsic Motivation and Work Incentives

Nov. 29, Casper De Vries and Clas Wihlborg - Systemic Risk

Nov. 13, Cortney Rodet - Voter Behavior, Term Limits and Seniority Advantage in Pork Barrel Politics

Nov. 6, Yaacov Kareev & Judith Avrahami

Oct. 30, Abel Winn - Equilibrium Selection: The roles of money illusion and communication

Oct. 24, David Ong - Tiger Women: An All-Pay auction Experiment on Gender Signaling of Desire to Win

Oct. 16, David Rojo Arjona - A Popperian Test of Level-k Theory

Oct. 9, Holger Rau - How Women’s Reluctance to Compete Causes the Gender-Wage Gap

Oct. 2, Gabriele Camera - Is Money the Root of All Evil?

Sept. 27, Casper de Vries -Macro demand shocks with many suppliers & Gabriele Camera - Liquidity impact of a ban on credit default swaps & Steve Gjerstad - Financial Crises, Currency Crises and Recovery

Sept. 25, Abel Winn - Finding Symmetry: Price adjustment and the strategic environment

Sept. 19, Roman Sheremeta - Principal-agent Settings with Noisy Effort

Sept. 4, John Haracz - Neuroeconomics of Asset-price Bubbles

May 15, Jaromir Kovarik - Learning in Network Games

May 8, Kevin James - Competitive Markets in Congestion Pricing

May 1, Domenic Donato - Using Reported Demand in Asset Markets to Indicate Directional Price Changes

Apr. 24, Rachel Bodsky - Information Aggregation in Prediction Markets: Experimental evidence

Apr. 17, Ron Harstad - Political Economy Field Experiments Become Possible

Apr. 10, Joaquin G. Minambres - The Role of Emotions in Self-Control

Apr. 3, Michael Caldera - Bidding Behavior in Pay to Bid Auctions

Mar. 29, Hernán Bejarano - Do Cab Drivers Charge for Congestion? A Traffic Field Experiment in Lima, Peru

Mar. 27, Nikos Georgantzis - Institutional, Idiosyncratic and Physiological Aspects of Corruption

Mar. 20, Pablo Garza - Biological Roots of Social Behavior

Mar. 13, Timothy Shields - Higher Order Beliefs in Cooperation Settings

Feb. 21, Brian Gunia - Contemplation and Conversation: Subtle influences on moral decision making

Feb. 14, Nat Wilcox - Is the premise of risk calibration theorems plausible?

Feb. 7, Eric Schniter - Conflicted Minds and Recalibrational Emotions

Feb. 2, Tim Cason - Identity, Bounded Rationality, and Coordination in the Inter-Group Prisoner’s Dilemma

Jan. 31, Marco Casari - Time Horizon and Cooperation in Continuous Time



Dec. 6, Ricardo Mateo - The Influence of the Tidy Work Environment in the Reliability of the Conscientious Individuals

Nov. 29, Gregrey Hunter - Controlling for Ancillary Information in Welfare Measurement Experiments

Nov. 15, Rachel Bodsky - Getting the Thesis Green Light: Aggregation of Information in Prediction Markets

Nov. 8, Terence Burnham - Caveman Economics 

Oct. 18, Dan Kovenock - All-Pay Auction with Complete Information and Identity-Dependent Externalities

Sept. 27, Joaquin Gomez-Minambres - Motivation Through Goal Setting: How can we experimentally test the theory?

Sept. 20, Jonathan E. Alevy - Asset Price Paths and Trader Personality: Evidence from Laboratory Experiments.

May 17, Joseph Cole - An Experimental Evaluation of a Model of Endogenous Quality Differentiation

May 11, Charlie Schaezlein - Adventures with my final thesis

May 10, Joy Buchanan - Information Effects in Multi-Unit Dutch Auctions & David Munro - Combinatorial Clock Auctions: Price Direction and Performance

May 3, Matt Shum - Strategic Behavior or Impatience?  A Field Experiment of Jump Bidding in On-line Ascending Bid Auctions

Mar. 3, Jerry Jordan - Inner Workings of the Open Market Committee

Jan. 25, Pablo Brañas Garza - A City Playing Games



Dec. 7, Nat Wilcox - Model Error and Model Invariance in Discrete Choice: Some current research (Part 2)

Nov. 30, Nat Wilcox - Model Error and Model Invariance in Discrete Choice: Some current research

Nov. 16, George Ng - Multilateral Bargaining in the Anticommons

Nov. 9, Nat Wilcox & Eric Schniter - An Information Foraging Model of Others’ Skills: Evidence from Tsimane’ Expert Nominations

Nov. 4, Masao Ogaki - Worldviews and Intergenerational Altruism

Oct. 26, Romen Sheremeta - Multi-Battle Contests: An Experimental Study

Oct. 20, Steve Gjerstad & Vernon Smith - Household expenditure cycles and economic cycles, 1920 – 2010

Oct. 12, Tim Shields & Roman Sheremeta - Do Liars Believe?

Oct. 5, Andreas Wilke –  Past and Present Environments: The Evolution of Decision Making

Sept. 28, Abel Winn - The Role of Money Illusion and Focal Points in Nominal Price Adjustment

Sept. 21, Diego Aycinena Abascal - Valuation Structure in First Price and Residual Value Auctions: An Experimental Investigation

Sept. 14, Joy Buchanan - An Experiment on Protecting Intellectual Property

Sept. 7, Dave Porter - Durability, Re-trading and Market Performance 

May 5, Ryan French - Grad Student Presentation

April 30, Tim Joseph - Grad Student Presentation

April 21, Amy Buchmann - Grad Student Presentation

April 14, Larry Iannaccone & SangHo Yoon - Sects Education

Mar 17, Maurice Doyon - The Truncated k-Double Auction: An Experimental Design for Canadian Egg Producers 

Mar 3, Larry Iannaccone & Mike McBride - Economics of Religion 

Feb 24, Kyndra K. Rotunda - From Halting Trials to Indefinite Detention: Analyzing the Limits of Executive Power during War Time

Feb 17, Vernon Smith & Steven Gjerstad - Experiments, Bubbles and the Economy



Dec. 9,  Ulrich Schmidt, Ph.D., Department of Economics, University of Kiel, Germany  - Testing Independence Conditions in the Presence of Errors and Splitting Effects

Nov. 25, Roman Sheremeta, Ph.D. - The Attack and Defense of Weakest-Link Networks

Nov. 18, Radhika Lunawat, Ph.D. - Reputation Effects of Disclosure: Theory and Experimental Investigation

Nov. 4, Eric Schniter, Ph.D., of University of California, Santa Barbara - A Long Life and Life-long Learning.

Oct. 28, John Dickhaut, Ph.D. - A Neuronal Model of Human Economic Choice

Oct. 21, Abel Winn, Ph.D. - Bargaining Behavior and the Tragedy of the Anti-Commons

Oct. 14, Erik Kimbrough - Learning to Respect Property

Oct. 7, Clas Wihlborg, Ph.D. & Shubhashis Gangopadhyay, Ph.D. - Symmetric and Asymmetric Joint Liability Lending Contracts in an Adverse Selection Model

Sept. 30, Nat Wilcox, Ph.D. - The September 2009 Risk Attitude Battery: An introduction and initial user's guide

Sept. 16, Roman Sheremeta, Ph.D. - Reducing Efficiency through Communication in Competitive Coordination Games

Sept. 9, Shengle Lin, Ph.D. - Information Diffusion and Underreaction in Financial Markets

Sept. 2, Shengle Lin, Ph.D. - Information Diffusion and Underreaction in Financial Markets

May 5, David Porter, Ph.D. - Speculation in Markets

Apr. 28, Nat Wilcox Ph.D.- Individual versus Social Learning in Complex Dynamic Decisions Under Risk (continued)

Apr. 21, Nat Wilcox Ph.D.- Individual versus Social Learning in Complex Dynamic Decisions Under Risk

Apr. 14, Mark Van Boening, Ph.D.- An Empirical Analysis of Bargaining in a Stylized Civil Litigation Setting.

Mar. 31, Erik Kimbrough - Emergent Specialization and Exchange in Human Subject Experiments and Agent-Based Models

Mar. 25, George Ng - Self-control and Sophistication.

Feb. 24, Cary Deck Ph.D.- Risk Attitude and Personality.

Feb. 17, Shengle Lin - Inertia and Underreaction in Asset Prices.

Feb. 10, Tibor Machan Ph.D.- Economic Man Revisited.

Feb. 3, Vernon Smith Ph.D.- Modeling Durable Assets for Experimental Study.

Jan. 20, Peter DeScioli Ph.D.- The Alliance Hypothesis for Human Friendship.

Jan. 13, Rimvydas Baltaduonis Ph.D.- Simple-offer vs. Complex-offer Auctions in Deregulated Electricity Markets.