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photo of Gabriele Camera
Gabriele Camera
Professor of Economics and Finance
(714) 628-2806
photo of John Dickhaut (In Memoriam)
John Dickhaut (In Memoriam)
Professor of Economics and Accounting, Jerrold A. Glass Endowed Chair in Accounting and Economics
photo of Steve Gjerstad
Steve Gjerstad
Presidential Fellow Professor
(714) 628-7282
photo of Daniel  Kovenock
Daniel Kovenock
Professor of Economics
(714) 628-7226
photo of David  Porter
David Porter
Professor of Economics and Mathematics, Donna and David Janes Endowed Chair in Experimental Economics
(714) 997-6915
photo of Stephen  Rassenti
Stephen Rassenti
Professor of Economics and Mathematics; ESI Director
(714) 628-2802
photo of Eric Schniter
Eric Schniter
Clinical Assistant Professor
(714) 628-7272
photo of Vernon  Smith
Vernon L. Smith
Professor of Economics and Law, George L. Argyros Endowed Chair in Finance and Economics
(714) 516-4513
photo of Nathaniel  Wilcox
Nathaniel Wilcox
Professor of Economics
(714) 628-7212
photo of Bart Wilson
Bart J. Wilson
Professor of Economics and Law, Donald P. Kennedy Endowed Chair in Economics and Law, Director, Smith Institute
(714) 628-7306

Visiting Faculty

photo of Cary Deck
Cary Deck
Research Professor
no photo available for Hillard Kaplan
Hillard Kaplan
Vernon Smith Distinguished Visiting Professor

Visiting Research Associates

photo of Hernán Bejarano
Hernán Bejarano
Visiting Research Associate
(714) 516-4689
photo of Adriana Breaban
Adriana Breaban
Research Associate
(714) 516-4689
photo of Mark Schneider
Mark Schneider
Research Associate
(714) 744-7083
photo of Daniel Stephenson
Daniel Stephenson
Research Associate
photo of Dustin Tracy
Dustin Tracy
Research Associate


photo of Cyndi Dumas
Cyndi Dumas
Operations Administrator
(714) 516-4513
photo of Ryan French
Ryan French
Data Scientist
(714) 628-2899
photo of Jeff Kirchner
Jeff Kirchner
Senior Software Engineer
(714) 628-7252
photo of Megan Luetje
Megan Luetje
Research Lab Manager
(714) 628-2848

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Students looking for extra cash can volunteer to participate in ESI experiments.