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21-20 Ferraro, P.J. & Tracy, J.D. “A reassessment of the potential for loss-framed incentive contracts to increase productivity: a meta-analysis and a real-effort experiment.”

21-19 Zhao, H. & Porter, D. “Dynamic Resource Allocation with Cost Externality”

21-18 Inoua, S. “Beware the Gini Index! A New Inequality Measure”

21-17 Mesa-Vazquez, E., Rodriguez-Lara, I., Urbano, A. “Standard vs random dictator games: On the effects of role uncertainty and framing on generosity”

21-16 Balafoutas, L., Faravelli, M., & Sheremeta, R. “Conflict in the Pool: A Field Experiment”

21-15 Schniter, E., Tracy, J.D., & Zika, V. “Uncertainty and Reputation Effects in Credence Goods Markets”

21-14 Kuroda, M., Li, J., Shachat, J., Wei, L. & Zhu, B. “An experimental study of within- and cross-cultural cooperation: Chinese and American play in the Prisoner’s Dilemma Game”

21-13 Camera, G. & Gioffre, A. “The Economic Impact of Lockdowns: a Theoretical Assessment”

21-12 Ezquerra, L., Gómez-Miñambres, J., Jimenez, N., & Kujal, P. “Making it public: The effect of (private and public) wage proposals on efficiency and income distribution”

21-11 Inoua, S.M. “A Simple Measure of Economic Complexity”

21-10 Camera, G. & Hohl, L. “Group-identity and long-run cooperation: an experiment”

21-09 Inoua, S.M. & Smith, V.L. “Classical Theory of Competitive Market Price Formation”

21-08 Cabrales, A., Espín, A.M., Kujal, P. & Rassenti, S. “Trustors’ disregard for trustees deciding intuitively or reflectively: three experiments on time constraints”

21-07 Seror, A. & Ticku, R. “Legalized Same-Sex Marriage and Coming Out in America: Evidence from Catholic Seminaries”

21-06 Bookwala, K., Gallemore, C., Gómez-Miñambres, J. “The Influence of Food Recommendations: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment”

21-05 Cabrales, A., Clots-Figueras, I., Hernán-González, R., & Kujal, P. “Institutions and Opportunistic Behavior: Experimental Evidence”

20-04 Bisin, A., Rubin, J., Seror, A., & Verdier, T. “Culture, Institutions & the Long Divergence

21-03 Espín, A.M., Correa, M., & Ruiz-Villaverde, A. “Economics students: self-selected in preferences and indoctrinated in beliefs”

21-02 Chowdhury, S.M. Mukherjee, A., Sheremeta, R.M. “In-group versus Out-group Preferences in Intergroup Conflict: An Experiment”

21-01 (revision of 19-29) Ewerhart, C., & Kovenock, D. “A class of N-player Colonel Blotto games with multidimensional private information”


20-42 Kimbrough, E.O., Porter, D., Schneider, M. “Reference Dependent Prices in Bargaining: An Experimental Examination of Precise First Offers"

20-41 Chakravarthy, J. & Shields, T. “The Conservatism Principle and Asymmetric Preferences Over Reporting Errors”

20-40 Lunawat, R., Shields, T.W., Waymire, G. “Financial Reporting and Moral Sentiments”

20-39 Peng, Y., Shachat, J., Wei, L., Zhang, S.S. “Speed traps: Algorithmic trader performance under alternative market structures”

20-38 Sontuoso, A. & Bhatia, S. ”Notion of Prominence for Games with Natural-Language Labels”

20-37 Liu, H., Gómez-Miñambres, J., Qi, D. “Menu-Dependent Food Choices and Food Waste”

20-36 Aycinena, D. Blazsek, S., E., Rentschler, L., Sprenger, C. “Intertemporal Choice Experiments and Large-Stakes Behavior”

20-35 Campbell, M.J. & Smith, V.L. “An Elementary Humanomics Approach to Boundedly Rational Quadratic Models”

20-34 Walker, M.J., Katok, E., Jason Shachat, J. “Trust and Trustworthiness in Procurement Contracts with Retainage”

20-33 Shachat, J, Walker, M.J., Wei, L. “The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on economic behaviours and preferences: Experimental evidence from Wuhan”

20-32 Sheremeta, R.M. & Uler, N. “The Impact of Taxes and Wasteful Government Spending on Giving”

20-31 Schniter, E., Macfarlan, S. J., Garcia, J. J., et al. “Age Appropriate Wisdom? Ethnobiological Knowledge Ontogeny in Pastoralist Mexican Choyeros”

20-30 Gjerstad, S. & Molle, A. “Comorbidity Factors Influence COVID-19 Mortality Much More than Age”

20-29 Alekseev, A. “The Economics of Babysitting a Robot”

20-28 Smith, V. L. "Trust, reciprocity, and social history: New pathways of learning when max U (own reward) fails decisively"

20-27 Corgnet, B., Deck, C., DeSantis, M., & Porter, D. “Forecasting Skills in Experimental Markets: Illusion or Reality?

20-26 Aycinena, D., Elbittar, A., Gomberg, A., & Rentschler, L. “Does free information provision crowd out costly information acquisition? It’s a matter of timing”

20-25 Bejarano, H., Gillet, J., & Rodriguez-Lara, I. "Trust and Trustworthiness After Negative Random Shocks"

20-24 Beverelli, C. & Ticku, R. "Trade Facilitation and Tariff Evasion"

20-23 Sontuoso, A., Bicchieri, C., Funcke, A., & Hart, E. "Strategic Problems with Risky Prospects"

20-22 Becker, S., Rubin, R., & Woessmann, L. "Religion in Economic History: A Survey"

20-21 Deck, C. & Tracy, D. “Keeping a Clean Reputation: More Evidence on the Perverse Effects of Disclosure”

20-20 Morales, A.J. & Rodriguez-Lara, I. "An experiment on the Neolithic agricultural revolution. Causes and impact on inequality”

20-19 Inoua, S. & Smith, V.L. “Neoclassical Supply and Demand, Experiments, and the Classical Theory of Price Formation”

20-18 Corgnet, B., DeSantis, M., & Porter, D. "Information aggregation and the cognitive make-up of traders"

20-17 Cabrales, A., Clots-Figueras, I., Hernán-González, R., & Kujal, P. “Institutions, opportunism and prosocial behavior: Some experimental evidence”

20-16 Berman, N., Couttenier, M., Monnet, N., & Ticku, R. “Shutdown Policies and Worldwide Conflict”

20-15 Guo, Y., Shachat, J., Walker, M.J. & Wei, L. “Viral Social Media Videos Can Raise Pro-Social Behaviours When an Epidemic Arises”

20-14 Neugebauer, T., Shachat, J., & Szymczak, W. “A test of the Modigliani-Miller theorem, dividend policy and algorithmic arbitrage in experimental asset markets”

20-13 Ticku, R. & Venkatesh, R.S. “Identity Politics, Clientelism, and Public Goods Provision: Theory and Evidence”

20-12 Cornet, B., DeSantis, M., & Porter, D. "Let's Chat... When Communication Promotes Efficiency in Experimental Asset Markets" 

20-11 Inoua, S.M. & Smith, V.L. "The Classical Theory of Supply and Demand"

20-10 Inoua, S.M. & Smith, V.L. "Adam Smith's Theory of Value: A Mathematical Statement of his Market Price Discovery Proces"

20-09 Brokesova, Z., Deck, C., & Peliova, J. “An Experimental Comparison of News Vending and Price Gouging”

20-08 Ghazi, S. & Schneider, M. "An Empirical Study of the Sentiment Capital Asset Pricing Model"

20-07 Schneider, M., Deck, C., & DeJarnette, P. "Categorical Salience Theory"

20-06 Schneider, M.A. & Nunez, M.A. "A Capital Asset Pricing Model with Idiosyncratic Risk
and the Sources of the Beta Anomaly"

20-05 Corgnet, B., Gunia, B., & Hernán González, R. "Harnessing the Power of Social Incentives to Curb Shirking in Teams"

20-04 Corgnet, B., Gaechter, S., & Hernán González, R. "Working too much for too little: Stochastic Rewards cause Work Addiction"

20-03 Corgnet, B., Deck, C., DeSantis, M., Hampton, K., & E.O. Kimbrough “Reconsidering Rational Expectations and the Aggregation of Diverse Information in Laboratory Security Markets”

20-02 Civelli, A., Deck, C., & Tutino, A. “Rationally Inattentive Savers and Monetary Policy Changes: A Laboratory Experiment”

20-01 Kovenock, D & Lu, J. “All Pay Quality-Bids in Score Procurement Auctions”