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20-28 Smith, V. L. "Trust, reciprocity, and social history: New pathways of learning when max U (own reward) fails decisively"

20-27 Corgnet, B., Deck, C., DeSantis, M., & Porter, D. “Forecasting Skills in Experimental Markets: Illusion or Reality?

20-26 Aycinena, D., Elbittar, A., Gomberg, A., & Rentschler, L. “Rational inattention and timing of information provision”

20-25 Bejarano, H., Gillet, J., & Rodriguez-Lara, I. "Trust and Trustworthiness After Negative Random Shocks"

20-24 Beverelli, C. & Ticku, R. "Trade Facilitation and Tariff Evasion"

20-23 Sontuoso, A., Bicchieri, C., Funcke, A., & Hart, E. "Strategic Problems with Risky Prospects"

20-22 Becker, S., Rubin, R., & Woessmann, L. "Religion in Economic History: A Survey"

20-21 Deck, C. & Tracy, D. “Competition and Coming Clean”

20-20 Morales, A.J. & Rodriguez-Lara, I. "An experiment on the Neolithic agricultural revolution. Causes and impact on inequality”

20-19 Inoua, S. & Smith, V.L. “Classical versus Neoclassical Equilibrium Discovery Processes in Market Supply and Demand Theory”

20-18 Corgnet, B., DeSantis, M., & Porter, D. "Information aggregation and the cognitive make-up of traders"

20-17 Cabrales, A., Clots-Figueras, I., Hernán-González, R., & Kujal, P. “Institutions, opportunism and prosocial behavior: Some experimental evidence”

20-16 Berman, N., Couttenier, M., Monnet, N., & Ticku, R. “Shutdown Policies and Worldwide Conflict”

20-15 Guo, Y., Shachat, J., Walker, M.J. & Wei, L. “Viral Social Media Videos Can Raise Pro-Social Behaviours When an Epidemic Arises”

20-14 Neugebauer, T., Shachat, J., & Szymczak, W. “A test of the Modigliani-Miller theorem, dividend policy and algorithmic arbitrage in experimental asset markets”

20-13 Ticku, R. & Venkatesh, R.S. “Identity Politics, Clientelism, and Public Goods Provision: Theory and Evidence”

20-12 Cornet, B., DeSantis, M., & Porter, D. "Let's Chat... When Communication Promotes Efficiency in Experimental Asset Markets" 

20-11 Inoua, S.M. & Smith, V.L. "The Classical Theory of Supply and Demand"

20-10 Inoua, S.M. & Smith, V.L. "Adam Smith's Theory of Value: A Mathematical Statement of his Market Price Discovery Process"

20-09 Brokesova, Z., Deck, C., & Peliova, J. “An Experimental Comparison of News Vending and Price Gouging”

20-08 Ghazi, S. & Schneider, M. "An Empirical Study of the Sentiment Capital Asset Pricing Model"

20-07 Schneider, M., Deck, C., & DeJarnette, P. "Categorical Salience Theory"

20-06 Schneider, M.A. & Nunez, M.A. "A Capital Asset Pricing Model with Market Sentiment"

20-05 Corgnet, B., Gunia, B., & Hernán González, R. "Harnessing the Power of Social Incentives to Curb Shirking in Teams"

20-04 Corgnet, B., Gaechter, S., & Hernán González, R. "Working too much for too little: Stochastic Rewards cause Work Addiction"

20-03 Corgnet, B., Deck, C., DeSantis, M., Hampton, K., & E.O. Kimbrough “Reconsidering Rational Expectations and the Aggregation of Diverse Information in Laboratory Security Markets”

20-02 Civelli, A., Deck, C., & Tutino, A. “Rationally Inattentive Savers and Monetary Policy Changes: A Laboratory Experiment”

20-01 Kovenock, D & Lu, J. “All Pay Quality-Bids in Score Procurement Auctions”


19-34 Hudja, S., Roberson, B., & Rosokha, Y. "Public Leaderboard Feedback in Innovation Contests: A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation"

19-33 Inoua, S. “News-driven Expectations and Volatility Clustering”

19-32 Charness, G. & Sontuoso, A. “The Doors of Perception”

19-31 List, J.A., Murphy, J.J., Price, M.K., James, A.G. “Do Appeals to Donor Benefits Raise More Money than Appeals to Recipient Benefits? Evidence from a Natural Field Experiment with Pick.Click.Give.”

19-30 Corgnet, B., Gunia, B. & Hernán González “Harnessing the Power of Social Incentives to Curb Shirking in Teams”

19-29 Ewerhart, C. & Kovenock, D. "A Class of N-Player Colonel Blotto Games with Multidimensional Private Information"

19-28 Camera, G. & Gioffré, A. "Cooperation in Indefinitely Repeated Helping Games: Existence and Characterization"

19-27 Schneider, M. & Stephenson, D.G. “Price Signaling and Bargains in Markets with Partially Informed Populations”

19-26 Bejarano, H., Corgnet, B., & Gómez-Miñambres, J. “Labor Contracts, Gift-Exchange and Reference Wages: Your Gift Need Not Be Mine!”

19-25 Camera, G., Hohl, L., & Weder, R. “Breaking Up: Experimental Insights into Economic (Dis)Integration”

19-24 Gómez-Miñambres, J., Schniter, E., & Shields, T.W. “Investment Choice Architecture in Trust Games: When “All-in” Is Not Enough”

19-23 Fan, J., Gómez-Miñambres, J., & Smithers, S. “Make it too Difficult and I’ll Give-Up; Let me Succeed and I’ll Excel: The Interaction between Assigned and Personal Goals”

19-22 Ezquerra, L. & Kujal, P. "Deciding to Delegate: On Distributional Consequences of Endogenous Delegation"

19-21 Alekseev, A. “Give Me a Challenge or Give Me a Raise”

19-20 Majerczyk, M., Sheremeta, R., & Tian, Y. “Adding Tournament to Tournament: Combining Between-Team and Within-Team Incentives”

19-19 Jacquemety, N., James, A., Luchini, S., Murphy, J., & Shogren, J.F. “Lying and Shirking Under Oath”

19-18 Chávez, C.A., Murphy, J.J., & Stranlund, J.K. “Co-enforcement of Common Pool Resources: Experimental Evidence from TURFs in Chile”

19-17 Sheremeta, R.M. “The Attack and Defense Games”

19-16 Tracy, J.D., Kaplan, H., James, K.A., & Rassenti, S.J. “An Experimental Investigation of Income, Insurance, and Investments in Health over the Life Course”

19-15 Inoua, S.M. & Smith, V.L. "Classical Economics: Lost and Found"

19-14 Smith, V.L. & Inoua, S.M. "Cournot Marked the Turn from Classical to Neoclassical Thinking"

19-13 O’Garra, T., Capraro, V., & Kujal, P. “The Effect of Social Information in the Dictator Game with a Taking Option”

19-12 Boel, P. & Camera, G. "Monetary Equilibrium and the Cost of Banking Activity”

19-11 Corgnet, B., Deck, C., DeSantis, M., Hampton, K., & Kimbrough, E.O. "Reconsidering Rational Expectations and the Aggregation of Diverse Information in Laboratory Security Markets"

19-10 Mehmood, S. & Seror, A. "The Political Economy of Foreign Aid and Growth:
Theory and Evidence"

19-09 Camera, G., Deck, C., & Porter, D. "Do Economic Inequalities Affect Long-Run Cooperation & Prosperity?"

19-08 Schneider, M. & Leland, J. "Salience and Social Choice"

19-07 Boerner, L., Rubin, J., & Severgnini, B. "A Time to Print, a Time to Reform"

19-06 Deck, C., Servátka, M., & Tucker, S. "Designing Call Auction Institutions to Eliminate Price Bubbles: Is English Dutch the Best?"

19-05 Kovenock, D. & Rojo Arjona, D. "A Full Characterization of Best-Response Functions in the Lottery Colonel Blotto Game"

19-04 Camera, G., Goldberg, D., & Weiss, A. "Endogenous Market Formation and Monetary Trade: an Experiment"

19-03 Schneider, M. "A Bias Aggregation Theorem"

19-02 Miñambres, J. G. & Schneider, M. "Carrots and Sticks: Optimal Contracting with Skewness Preference and Ambiguity Aversion"

19-01 Bigoni, M., Camera, G., & Casari, M. "Cooperation Among Strangers With and Without a Monetary System"


18-22 Schniter, E., Shields, T.W., & Sznycer, D. "Trust in Humans and Robots: Economically Similar but Emotionally Different"

18-21 Deck, C. & Sheremeta, R.M. “The Tug-of-War in the Laboratory”

18-20 Breaban, A., Noussair, C.N., & Popescu, A.V. "Your money or your time? Experimental evidence on overbidding in all-pay auctions"

18-19 Schneider, M. "Modeling Interactions Between Risk, Time, and Social Preferences"

18-18 Schneider, M. "A Dual System Model of Risk and Time Preferences"

18-17 Bigoni, M., Camera, G., & Casari, M. "Money is more than Memory"

18-16 Alekseev, A. "Using Response Times to Measure Ability on a Cognitive Task"

18-15 Corgnet, B., Hernán-González, R., & Kujal, P. "On Booms That Never Bust: Ambiguity in Experimental Asset Markets with Bubbles"

18-14 Iyigun, I., Rubin, J., & Seror, A. "A Theory of Cultural Revivals"

18-13 Alekseev, A. & Freer, M. "Selection in the Lab: A Network Approach"

18-12 Adamson, J. "Agglomeration and the Extent of the Market: An Experimental Investigation into Spatially Coordinated Exchange"

18-11 Smith, V. "Causal versus Consequential Motives in Mental Models of Agent Social and Economic Action: Experiments, and the Neoclassical Diversion in Economics"

18-10 Adamson, J. & Kimbrough, E.O. "The Supply Side Determinants of Territory and Conflict"

18-09 Corgnet, B., DeSantis, M., & Porter, D. "The Distribution of Information and the Price Efficiency of Markets"

18-08 Wilcox, N. "Conditional Independence in a Binary Choice Experiment"

18-07 Sheremeta, R. "Experimental Research on Contests"

18-06 Chaudhary, L., Rubin, J., Iyer, S., & Shrivastava, A. "Culture and Colonial Legacy: Evidence from Public Goods Games"

18-05 Bigoni, M., Camera, G., & Casari, M. "Partners or Strangers? Cooperation, Monetary Trade, and the Choice of Scale of Interaction"

18-04 Camera, G. & Kim, J. "Equilibrium wage rigidity in directed search"

18-03 Sheremeta, R. "Impulsive Behavior in Competition: Testing Theories of Overbidding in Rent-Seeking Contests"

18-02 Rodet, C.S. & Smyth, A. "Experimental Evidence on the Cyclicality of Investment"

18-01 Brookins, P., Ryvkin, D., & Smyth, A. "Indefinitely Repeated Contests: An Experimental Study"


17-26 Smyth, A. "How Product Innovation Can Affect Price Collusion"

17-25 Mago, S. & Sheremeta, R. "New Hampshire Effect: Behavior in Sequential and Simultaneous Multi-Battle Contests"

17-24 Corgnet, B., Deck, C., DeSantis, M., & Porter, D. "Information (Non)Aggregation in Markets with Costly Signal Acquisition"

17-23 Campbell, T. & Wilcox, N.T. "Younger Federal District Court Judges Favor Presidential Power"

17-22 Gjerstad, S. "Bondholder Reorganization of Systemically Important Financial Institutions"

17-21 Smyth, A. & Wilson, B.J. "No Mere Tautology: The Division of Labor is Limited by the Division of Labor"

17-20 Rubin, J., Samek, A., & Sheremeta, R.M., "Loss Aversion and the Quantity-Quality Tradeoff"

17-19 Kovenock, D., Roberson, B., & Sheremeta, R.M. "The Attack and Defense of Weakest-Link Networks"

17-18 Kovenock, D. & Roberson, B. "The Optimal Defense of Networks of Targets"

17-17 Smith, V.S. & Wilson, B.J. "Equilibrium Play in Voluntary Ultimatum Games: Beneficence Cannot Be Extorted" 

17-16 Leland, J. & Schneider, M. "Risk Preference, Time Preference, and Salience Perception"

17-15 Leland, J., Schneider, M., & Wilcox, N. "Minimal Frames and Transparent Frames for Risk, Time, and Uncertainty"

17-14 Hajikhameneh, A. & Rubin, J. "Exchange in the Absence of Legal Enforcement: Reputation and Multilateral Punishment under Uncertainty"

17-13 Kimbrough, E., Laughren, K., & Sheremeta, R. "War and Conflict in Economics: Theories, Applications, and Recent Trends"

17-12 Camera, G. & Casari, M. "Monitoring institutions in indefinitely repeated games"

17-11 Burnham, T.C. "Gender, Punishment, and Cooperation: Men hurt others to advance their interests"

17-10 Burnham, T.C., Gakidis, H., & Wurgler, J. "Investing in the Presence of Massive Flows:  The Case of MSCI Country Reclassifications"

17-09 Civelli, A. & Deck, C. "A Flexible and Customizable Method for Assessing Cognitive Abilities"

17-08  Rubin, J. & Karaja, E. "The Cultural Transmission of Trust Norms: Evidence from a Lab in the Field on a Natural Experiment"

17-07 Thomas, C. "Profitable Horizontal Mergers Without Efficiencies Can Increase Consumer Surplus"

17-06 Iyigun, M. & Rubin, J. "The Ideological Roots of Institutional Change"

17-05 Cabrales, A., Espín, A.M., Kujal, P., & Rassenti, S. "Humans’ (incorrect) distrust of reflective decisions"

17-04 Sheremeta, R.M. & Shields, T.W. "Deception and Reception: The Behavior of Information Providers and Users"

17-03 Boyer, P.C., Konrad, K.A., & Roberson, B. "Targeted campaign competition, loyal voters, and supermajorities"

17-02 Ma, D. & Rubin, R. "The Paradox of Power: Principal-Agent Problems and Fiscal Capacity in Absolutist Regimes"

17-01 Kujal, P. & Powell, O. "Bubbles in Experimental Asset Markets"


16-33 Baker, M., Burnham, T., Taliaferro, R. "Optimal Tilts"

16-32 Camera, C. "A Perspective on Electronic Alternatives to Traditional Currencies"

16-31 Gelder, A., Kovenock, D., Roberson, B. "All-Pay Auctions with Ties"

16-30 Camera, G. and Gioffre, A. "Asymmetric Social Norms"

16-29 Deck, C. and Thomas, C. "Using Experiments to Compare the Predictive Power of Models of Multilateral Negotiations"

16-28 Schneider, M. "Economic Analysis with Systematically Biased Agents"

16-27 Sheremeta, R. "The Pros and Cons of Workplace Tournaments"

16-26 Deck, C. and Schlesinger, H. "On the Robustness of Higher Order Risk Preferences"

16-25 Mago, S. and Sheremeta, R. "Multi-Battle Contests: An Experimental Study"

16-24 Schneider, M. and Porter, D. "The Effects of Experience, Choice Architecture, and Cognitive Reflection in Individual and Strategic Decisions"

16-23 Schneider, M. "Dual Process Utility Theory: A Model of Decisions Under Risk and Over Time"

16-22 Bottino, E., García-Muñoz. T., and Kujal, P. "Gender Biases in Delegation"

16-21 Sheremeta, R. "Impulsive Behavior in Competition: Testing Theories of Overbidding in Rent-Seeking Contests"

16-20  Corgnet, B, DeSantis, M., and Porter, D. "What Makes a Good Trader? On the Role of Intuition and Reflection on Trader Performance"

16-19 Camera, G., Goldberg, D., and Weiss, A. "Endogenous Market Formation and Monetary Trade: an Experiment"

16-18 Camera, G., Deck, C., and Porter, D. "Do Economic Inequalities Affect Long-Run Cooperation?"

16-17 Clots-Figueras, I., Hernán González, R., and Kujal, P. "Trust and Trustworthiness under Information Asymmetry and Ambiguity"

16-16 Chowdhury, S.M., Kovenock, D., Rojo Arjona, D. and Wilcox, N.T. "Focality and Asymmetry in Multi-battle Contests"

16-15 Leland, J. and Schneider, M. "Axioms for Salience Perception"

16-14 Wilcox, N. "Random Expected Utility and Certainty Equivalents: Mimicry of Probability Weighting Functions" 

16-13 Becker, S., Pfaff, S., Rubin, J. "Causes and Consequences of the Protestant Reformation"

16-12 Gelder, A. and Kovenock, D. "Dynamic Behavior and Player Types in Majoritarian Multi-Battle Contests"

16-11 Schneider, M., Leland, J., Wilcox, N. "Ambiguity Framed"

16-10 Schneider, M. and Nunez, M. "Mean-Dispersion Preferences with a Specific Dispersion Function"

16-09 Llorente-Saguer, A., Sheremeta, R., Szech, N. "Designing Contests Between Heterogeneous Contestants: An Experimental Study of Tie-Breaks and Bid-Caps in All-Pay Auctions"

16-08 Leland, J. and Schneider, M. "Salience, Framing, and Decisions under Risk, Uncertainty, and Time"

16-07 Sheremeta, R. Uler, N. "The Impact of Taxes and Wasteful Government Spending on Giving"

16-06 Brokesova, Z., Deck, C., Peliova, J. "Bringing a Natural Experiment into the Laboratory: the Measurement of Individual Risk Attitudes"

16-05 McLaughlin, K. and Friedman, D. "Online Ad Auctions: An Experiment"

16-04 Bejarano, H., Green, E., Rassenti, S. "Payment Scheme Self-Selection in the Credence Goods Market: An Experimental Study"

16-03 Bregu, K., Deck, C., Ham, L., Jahedi, S. "The Effects of Alcohol Use on Economic Decision Making"

16-02 Jahedi, S., Deck, C., Ariely, D. "Arousal and Economic Decision Making"

16-01 Rubin, J., Samek, A., Sheremeta, R. "Incentivizing Quantity and Quality of Output: An Experimental Investigation of the Quantity-Quality Trade-off"


15-30 Burnham, T.C. "Public Goods with Punishment & Payment for Relative Rank"

15-29 Wilson, B.J. and Harris, S.R. "Language and Cooperation in Hominin Scavenging"

15-28 Bigoni, M., Camera, G., Casari, M. "Money and the Scale of Cooperation"

15-27 Clingingsmith, D. and Sheremeta, R. "Status and the Demand for Visible Goods: Experimental Evidence on Conspicuous Consumption"

15-26 Samek, A. and Sheremeta, R. "Selective Recognition: How to Recognize Donors to Increase Charitable Giving"

15-25 Brañas-Garza, P., Kujal, P., Lenkeim B. "Cognitive Reflection Test: Whom, how, when"

15-24 Kovenock, D. and Roberson, B. "The Optimal Defense of Network Connectivity"

15-23 Cason, T., Sheremeta, R., Zhang, J. "Asymmetric and Endogenous Within-Group Communication in Competitive Coordination Games"

15-22 Gelder, A., Kovenock, D., Sheremeta, R. "Behavior in All-Pay Auctions with Ties"

15-21 Sheremeta, R. "Behavior in Group Contests: A Review of Experimental Research"

15-20 Howe, E.L., Murphy, J., Gerkey, D., West, C.T. "Indirect Reciprocity, Resource Sharing, and Environmental Risk: Evidence from Field Experiments in Siberia"

15-19 Bourke, V. and Porter, D. "The Effects of Make and Take Fees in Experimental Markets"

15-18 Chen, Z., Ong, D., Sheremeta, R. "The Gender Difference in the Value of Winning"

15-17 Corgnet, B., DeSantis, M., Porter, D. "What Makes a Good Trader? On the Role of Quant Skills, Behavioral Biases and Intuition on Trader Performance"

15-16 Chen, Z., Ong, D., Sheremeta, R. "Competition Between and Within Universities: Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Group Identity and the Desire to Win"

15-15 Corgnet, B., DeSantis, M., Porter, D. "Revisiting Information Aggregation in Asset Markets: Reflective Learning & Market Efficiency"

15-14 Deck, C. and Sheremeta, R.M. "Tug-of-War in the Laboratory"

15-13 Camera, G., Casari, M., Bortolotti, S. "An Experiment on Retail Payments Systems"

15-12 Rey-Biel, P., Sheremeta, R., Uler, N. "When Income Depends on Performance and Luck: The Effects of Culture and Information on Giving"

15-11 Wilcox, N. "Error and Generalization in Discrete Choice Under Risk"

15-10 Wilcox, N. "Unusual Estimates of Probability Weighting Functions"

15-09 Corgnet, B., Martin, L., Ndodjang, P., Sutan, A. "On the Merit of Equal Pay: When Influence Activities Interact with Incentive Setting"

15-08 Murphy, J., Batmunkh, N., Nilsson, B., Ray, S. "The Impact of Social Information on the Voluntary Provision of Public Goods: A Replication Study"

15-07 Kovenock, D and Roberson, B. "Generalizations of the General Lotto and Colonel Blotto Games"

15-06 Camera, G. and Kim, J. "Dynamic Directed Search"

15-05 Corgnet, B. and Hernan-Gonzalez, R. "Revisiting the Tradeoff between Risk and Incentives: The Shocking Effect of Random Shocks"

15-04 Corgnet, B., Espín, A., Hernán-González, R. "The cognitive basis of social behavior: cognitive reflection overrides antisocial but not always prosocial motives."

15-03 Cherry, T., Howe, E. Lance, Murphy, J. "Sharing as Risk Pooling in a Social Dilemma Experiment."

15-02 Gelder, A. and Kovenock, D. "Dynamic Behavior and Player Types in Majoritarian Multi-Battle Contests."

15-01 Cason, T., Sheremeta, R., Zhang, J. "Asymmetric and Endogenous Communication in Competition between Groups."


14-23 Brañas-Garza, P., Galizzi, M., Nieboer, J. "Digit ratio and risk taking: Evidence from a large, multi-ethnic sample."

14-22 Kuran, T. and Rubin, J., "The Financial Power of the Powerless: Socio-Economic Status and Interest Rates under Partial Rule of Law."

14-21 Bejarano, H., Kaplan, H., Rassenti, S. "Effects of Retirement and Lifetime Earnings Profile on Health Investment."

14-20 Bejarano, H., Kaplan, H., Rassenti, S. "Dynamic Optimization and Conformity in Health Behavior and Life Enjoyment over the Life Cycle."

14-19 Schniter, E., Shields, T.W. "Sexism, statements, and audits." (under review).

14-18 Schniter, E., Gurven, M., Kaplan, H., Wilcox, N., Hooper, P. "Skill ontogeny among Tsimane forager-horticulturalists." (under review).

14-17 Bigoni, M., Camera, G., Casari, M. "Money is More than Memory."

14-16 McCarter, M., Samak, A., Sheremeta, R. "Divided Loyalists or Conditional Cooperators? Creating Consensus about Cooperation in Multiple Simultaneous Social Dilemmas."

14-15 Irfanoglu, Z., Mago, S., Sheremeta, R. "The New Hampshire Effect: Behavior in Sequential and Simultaneous Election Contests."

14-14 Sheremeta, R. "Behavioral Dimensions of Contests."

14-13 Proestakis, A., Branas-Garza, P., Kujal, P. "Self discrimination: A field experiment on obesity."

14-12 Brokesova, Z., Deck, C. Peliova, J. "Experimenting with Behavior Based Pricing."

14-11 Deck, C. and Jahedi, S. "People Do Not Discount Heavily in Strategic Settings, but They Believe Others Do."

14-10 Deck, C. and Kimbrough, E. "Single- and Double-Elimination All-Pay Tournaments."

14-09 Holt, C., Kydd, A., Razzolini, L., Sheremeta, R. "The Paradox of Misaligned Profiling: Theory and Experimental Evidence."

14-08 Chowdhury, S. and Sheremeta, R. "Overbidding and overspreading in rent-seeking experiments: Cost structure and prize allocation rules."

14-07 Schniter, E. and Sheremeta, R. "Predictable and Predictive Emotions: Explaining Cheap Signals and Trust Re-Extension."

14-06 Chowdhury, S. and Sheremeta, R. "Strategically Equivalent Contests."

14-05 Wilson, B. "The Meaning of Deceive in Experimental Economic Science."

14-04 Savikhin Samek, A. and Sheremeta, R. "When Identifying Contributors is Costly: An Experiment on Public Goods."

14-03 Lin, S., Pfeiffer, G., Porter, D. "Accounting Standards and Financial Market Stability: An Experimental Examination."

14-02 Sugden, R. "Characterising competitive equilibrium in terms of opportunity."

14-01 Kimbrough, E. and Sheremeta, R. "Why can’t we be friends? Entitlements and the costs of conflict."


13-34  Savikhin Samek, A. and Sheremeta, R. "Recognizing Contributors: An Experiment on Public Goods."

13-33 Kimbrough, E., Sheremeta, R., Shields, T. "When Parity Promotes Peace:Resolving Conflict Between Asymmetric Agents."

13-32 Drugov, M., Hernán-González, R., Kujal, P., Troya Martinez, M. "Cheap Talk with Two Audiences: An Experiment."

13-31 Brañas-Garza, P. and Kovárík, J. "Digit Ratios and Social Preferences: A Comment on Buser (2012)."

13-30 Harrington, J., Hernan-Gonzalez, R., Kujal, P. "The Relative Efficacy of Price Announcements and Express Communication for Collusion: Experimental Findings." Appendix.

13-29 Bottino, E., Goddio, C., Kujal, P. "What is a fair wage? Reference points, Entitlements and Gift Exchange."

13-28 Schniter, E., Sheremeta, R., Shields, T. "Conflicted Emotions Following Trust-based Interaction."

13-27 Deck, C., Hao, L., Porter, D. "Do Prediction Markets Aid Defenders in a Weak-Link Contest?"

13-26 Chaudhary, L. and Rubin, J. "Religious Identity and the Provision of Public Goods: Evidence from the Indian Princely States."

13-25 Camera, G. and Chien, Y. "Two Monetary Models with Alternating Markets."

13-24 Schniter, E., Sheremta, R., and Shields T.  "Limitations to Signaling Trust with All or Nothing Investments."

13-23 Shupp, R., Sheremeta, R., Schmidt, D., and Walker, J.  "Resource Allocation Contests: Experimental Evidence."

13-22 Corgnet, B., Hernán - González, R. Schniter, E. "Why Real Leisure Really Matters: Incentive Effects on Real Effort in the Laboratory."

13-21 Branas-Garza, P., Cobo-Reyes, R., Jimenez, N., and Pontiy, G. "A Guided Tour to (Real-Life) Social Network."

13-20 Kimbrough, E., Sheremeta, R., and Shields, T. "When Parity Promotes Peace: Resolving conflict between asymmetric agents."

13-18 Domènech, A., Brañas-Garza, P., and Espín, A. "Fetal Testosterone (2D:4D) as Predictor of Cognitive Reflection."

13-17 Espín, A., Exadaktylos, F., Herrmann, B., and Brañas-Garza, P. "Short- and Long-run Goals in Ultimatum Bargaining."

13-16 Schniter, E. and Shields, T. "Recalibrational Emotions and the Regulation of Trust-Based Behaviors."

13-15 Corgnet, B., Hernán-Gonzalez, R., and Rassenti, S. "Firing Threats and Tenure: Incentive effects and impression management."

13-14 Erik O. Kimbrough, E., and Rubin, J. "Sustaining Group Reputation."

13-13 Moore, K., Sun, P., de Vries, C., and Zhou, C. "Shape Homogeneity and Scale Heterogeneity of Downside Tail Risk."

13-12 Chowdhury, S., Lee, D., and Sheremeta, R. "Top Guns May Not Fire: Best-Shot Group Contests with Group-Specific Public Good Prizes."

13-11 Kimbrough, E., Rubin, J., Sheremeta, R., Shields, T. "Commitment Problems in Conflict Resolution."

13-10 Klose, B. and Kovenock, D. "The All-Pay Auction with Complete Information and Identity-Dependent Externalities."

13-09 Branas-Garza, P., Kovarik, J., and Neyse, L. "Second-to-Fourth Digit Ratio has a Non-Monotonic Impact on Altruism."

13-08 McCarter, M., Samak, A., and Sheremeta, R. "Divided Loyalties or Conditional Cooperation? An experimental study of contributions to multiple public goods."

13-07 Gabaix, X., Laibson, D., Li, D., Li, H., Resnick, S., and de Vries, C. "The Impact of Competition on Prices with Numerous Firms."

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