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22-19 Schniter, E., & Shields, T. W. "Predictive mind reading from first and second impressions: Better-than-chance prediction of cooperative behavior."

22-18 Walker, M.J., Shachat, J., & Wei, L. “Contingent Payments in Procurement Interactions -Experimental Evidence.”

22-17 Deck, C., Pecorino, P., & Solomon, M. “Litigation with Negative Expected Value Suits: An Experimental Analysis.”

22-16 Camera, G., Hohl, L., & Weder, R. "Inequality as a barrier to economic integration? An experiment."

22-15 Huber, J., Inoua, S., Kerschbamer, R., König-Kersting, C., Palan, S., & Smith, V. L. "Nobel and novice: Author prominence affects peer review."

22-14 Jenkins, J., & Rubin, J. "Historical political economy: What is it?"

22-13 Cary Deck, C., Jun, T.I., Razzolini, L., & Reid, T. "Information Aggregation with Heterogeneous Traders."

22-12 Calabuig, V., Jiménez, N., Olcina, G., & Rodriguez-Lara, I. “United we stand: On the benefits of coordinated punishment.”

22-11 Camera, G. “Introducing New Forms of Digital Money: Evidence from the Laboratory.”

22-10 Charness, G. & Sontuoso, A. “The Doors of Perception: Theory and Evidence of Frame-Dependent Rationalizability.”

22-09 Smith, V. L. "300 anniversary of Smith’s birth."

22-08 Greif, A., & Rubin, J. "Political legitimacy in historical political economy."

22-07 Schneider, M. & Shields, T. “Motives for Cooperation in the One-Shot Prisoner’s Dilemma.”

22-06 Shields, T.W. & Hong, Y. “How Do Reward Versus Penalty Framed Incentives Affect Diagnostic Performance in Auditing?”

22-05 Guo, Y., Shachat, J., Walker, M.J., & Wei, L. “On the generalizability of using mobile devices to conduct economic experiments.”

22-04 Kiss, H.J., Rodriguez-Lara, I., & Rosa-Garcia, A. (2022). "Who withdraws first? Line formation during bank runs."

22-03 Mukherjee, P. & Tracy, J.D. “Agency, Benevolence and Justice.”

22-02 Ferreira, J.L., Kujal, P., & Rassenti, S. The no-arbitrage hypothesis and inertia in forward markets

22-01 Inoua, S.M. & Smith, V.L. “Perishable Goods versus Re-tradable Assets: A Theoretical Reappraisal of a Fundamental Dichotomy.”


21-24 Chandan, R., Paarporn, K., Kovenock, D., Alizadeh, M., & Marden, J.R. "The Art of Concession in General Lotto Games."

21-23 Paarporn, K., Chandan, R., Kovenock, D., Alizadeh, M., & Marden, J.R. "Strategically revealing intentions in General Lotto games."

21-22 Espín, A. M., Capraro, V., Corgnet, B., Gächter, S., Hernán-González, R., Kujal, P., & Rassenti, S. "Differences in cognitive reflection mediate gender differences in social preferences."

21-21 Inoua, S.M. & Smith, V.L. A classical model of speculative asset price dynamics.

21-20 Ferraro, P.J. & Tracy, J.D. “A reassessment of the potential for loss-framed incentive contracts to increase productivity: a meta-analysis and a real-effort experiment.”

21-19 Zhao, H. & Porter, D. “Dynamic Resource Allocation with Cost Externality”

21-18 Inoua, S. “Beware the Gini Index! A New Inequality Measure”

21-17 Mesa-Vazquez, E., Rodriguez-Lara, I., Urbano, A. “Standard vs random dictator games: On the effects of role uncertainty and framing on generosity”

21-16 Balafoutas, L., Faravelli, M., & Sheremeta, R. “Conflict in the Pool: A Field Experiment”

21-15 Schniter, E., Tracy, J.D., & Zika, V. “Uncertainty and Reputation Effects in Credence Goods Markets”

21-14 Kuroda, M., Li, J., Shachat, J., Wei, L. & Zhu, B. “An experimental study of within- and cross-cultural cooperation: Chinese and American play in the Prisoner’s Dilemma Game”

21-13 Camera, G. & Gioffre, A. “The Economic Impact of Lockdowns: a Theoretical Assessment”

21-12 Ezquerra, L., Gómez-Miñambres, J., Jimenez, N., & Kujal, P. “Making it public: The effect of (private and public) wage proposals on efficiency and income distribution”

21-11 Inoua, S.M. “A Simple Measure of Economic Complexity”

21-10 Camera, G. & Hohl, L. “Group-identity and long-run cooperation: an experiment”

21-09 Inoua, S.M. & Smith, V.L. “Classical Theory of Competitive Market Price Formation”

21-08 Cabrales, A., Espín, A.M., Kujal, P. & Rassenti, S. “Trustors’ disregard for trustees deciding intuitively or reflectively: three experiments on time constraints”

21-07 Seror, A. & Ticku, R. “Legalized Same-Sex Marriage and Coming Out in America: Evidence from Catholic Seminaries”

21-06 Bookwala, K., Gallemore, C., Gómez-Miñambres, J. “The Influence of Food Recommendations: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment”

21-05 Cabrales, A., Clots-Figueras, I., Hernán-González, R., & Kujal, P. “Institutions and Opportunistic Behavior: Experimental Evidence”

20-04 Bisin, A., Rubin, J., Seror, A., & Verdier, T. “Culture, Institutions & the Long Divergence

21-03 Espín, A.M., Correa, M., & Ruiz-Villaverde, A. “Economics students: self-selected in preferences and indoctrinated in beliefs”

21-02 Chowdhury, S.M. Mukherjee, A., Sheremeta, R.M. “In-group versus Out-group Preferences in Intergroup Conflict: An Experiment”

21-01 (revision of 19-29) Ewerhart, C., & Kovenock, D. “A class of N-player Colonel Blotto games with multidimensional private information”